Best Leather Clicker Dies for Sale!

The leather clicker die is a leather clicker press accessory that plays a major role in a lot of the factories or workshops where leather goods are produced in either small, medium or large quantities.

There are a couple of leather clicker dies out there, so I took the time to research and sift through some of the really cool ones that will furnish your leather craft nicely whether you’re a beginner fishing for dies or a veteran.

Here are some great leather clicker dies for sale that you will absolutely find great use for;

  1. Leather Wallet Clicker Dies: Dies for cutting out wallet patterns with ease.
  2. Key Fob Clicker Dies: The key Fob die helps to make use of leather scraps.
  3. EarDrop Earring Clicker Dies: These are dies that make wonderful eardrop earrings out of leather off-cuts.
  4. Shape & Pattern Clicker Dies: You will makes some interesting patterns with these Dies.

With these leather clicker dies you can literally purchase them and pop them into your clicker press and start producing. But first, a little details on what leather clicker dies are for a bit of perspective.

What are Leather Clicker Dies?

A leather clicker die will generally be made up of a cutting blade (usually steel rule) that will sometimes be mounted on some sort of wood, plastic, felt or cork board.

Depending on how well it’s designed, a clicker press die can be made to do a combination or cuts, punches, and sometimes tooling all at the same time.

The dies up for discussion in this article are generally called standard dies. These are classified standard because it’s not tailor-made or custom made specifically for a particular leather crafter but more of a general design with generalized measurements sort of thing.

For more on leather clicker dies, check out my previous article on leather clicker press dies. It’s an in-depth guide on all you need to know about the leather clicker press dies, types, where to get them customized, their pros, cons, and some other related questions.

1. Leather Wallet Clicker Dies

These are essentially standard clicker press dies you can use to make simple wallets repeatedly for your business, for your friends or loved ones.

Getting a leather wallet clicker die means you will be able to make wallets super fast and will not have to worry about making hand measurements and cuts. You can simply pop your leather dies with leather in the clicker press and your wallet will be ready to be assembled in a couple of minutes.

If you’re interested in this Leather wallet clicker dies, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

2. Key Fob Clicker Dies

If you want to make a key fob in large volumes very quickly and easily or if you need to make a simple last minute gift item for your child, friends, husband/boyfriend or wife/girlfriend, using a key fob die is a resourceful way to go.

With a good key fob die in hand and a scrap piece of leather, you will be able to make a very professional looking key fob. The great thing about the key fob die is that it’s not usually big (unless you’re making a really bid one for whatever reason) and so even without a clicker press, you will still be able to make do with a rubber mallet or nylon maul.

3. EarDrop Earring Clicker Dies

These are dies you can use to make awesome eardrop earrings for sale or for personal use. With simple key fob dies, leather and a good

4. Shape & Pattern Clicker Dies

Shape and pattern dies are the regular or irregular clicker dies you can use to incorporate interesting shapes and patterns into your leather works. These shapes and patterns can be cut out using the dies below and the clicker press and then mounted on other pieces of leather surfaces in the form of an appliqué or vice versa (reverse appliqué).

The shapes or pattern cut out can be glued or stitched. It works best if the cut out leather is piece and the one mounted upon are of different colors.The cut out shapes or patterns can also be used as earrings, key fobs, etc.


Getting ready-made or standard Dies gets you started with leatherwork products nice and smoothly and gives you enough time to warm up to some of the technical aspects of the leather craft such as measurements, cutting, punching, etc.

This article scouted for some of the best clicker press dies and found some really awesome ones. These clicker press dies are great to get you going till you’re ready to start making your own customized dies for your projects.


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