The 2 Best Clicker Presses For Leather on Amazon!

The leather clicker press is an equipment that helps you make repetitive cuts on leather. So if you make a lot of wallets, bags, belts or shoes, etc and you would want to be able to repeatedly produce the same piece, the clicker press is the best way to go.

Also, since myself like many others love to shop online, why not review the best clicker presses for leather on Amazon!

The best clicker presses for leather you can find on Amazon are;

  1. VEVOR Leather Cutting Machine – (Most Durable All-round Clicker Press): If you want a highly efficient, no maintenance but low priced, then this is for you.
  2. Weaver Leather Mighty Wonder – (Best Professional Heavy-Duty Clicker Press): If you want a world-class professional clicker press, then the mighty wonder will work wonders for you.

In addition to the overall list are very important features you should know about to help you find what’s suitable for you. So keep reading to find out more!

Check out a guide I wrote earlier on the most important things you need to know about the leather clicker press. I figured it will help you get a really good understanding of this equipment.

So in no particular order, here are the details on the best clicker presses for leather work you can find on Amazon!

1. Weaver Leather Mighty Wonder – (Best Professional Heavy-Duty Clicker Press)

The House of Weaver Leather started out in 1973 as a shoe shop in 20 by 40 foot garage. That tiny shoe shop has grown to become one of the pillars in the leather work industry we now know as Weaver leather. Weaver leather is known for it high quality leather work products, hardware, aerosols, and leather work tools and equipment.

It’s been part of their mantra that every successful product require high quality leather supplies and that’s what has influenced the high quality tools they produce. Weaver leather offer a vast selection of tools, materials, and hand operated machinery like the Leather Clicker Press on which my spotlight is for this article.


  • Product Material: Steel
  • Pressure: 4 Tons
  • Product Weighs approximately: 113 lbs
  • Product Dimension: 24″ x 23″ x 16″

The Weaver leather clicker press is a handcrafted U.S made clicker press built with high quality steel material and fantastic finishing that will give you consistent performance for a really long time.

The Weaver leather mighty wonder clicker press can be easily mounted on your work bench and is heavily reinforced on all of its major and minor stress points that receives a lot of pressure so that it maintains consistency with its application. You can get a replacement clicker board to help make adjustments with die heights and also as backup board.

What stands out with the Weaver leather clicker press is the conscious effort by Weaver to help leather crafters scale up their leather business with this high quality equipment that will save the crafter a lot of time and pay for itself in a really short amount of time.


  1. Very minimal assembly
  2. Clearly outlined instruction sheet included
  3. It’s clicker head is designed to swivel away to give you a good view when setting up dies and stamps
  4. Has one of the simplest adjustment knobs for making adjustments for various dies (particularly 3/4 to 1-1/4) and material thickness
  5. Easy to adjust the handle height and angle to suit you
  6. You can lock in the handle to make a fine embossing
  7. Has the easiest and softest click due to its large 3inches cam and 29inches long handle that gives you some added leverage
  8. Flawlessly cuts leather weights all the way up to 16 ounces and over provided the dies are sharp.
  9. It’s a great equipment for making cuts for all small size leather work projects such as key fobs, coasters, spur straps and other smaller leather goods.
  10. Maintenance is a simple greasing from time to time.


  • It’s a high end priced leather work equipment
  • Any material weight over 16 ounces will require a bit more effort to cut and a well sharpened die
  • Although you can do a double click on this press, it’s working area is still quite small (8-1/2 inches by 12 inches) and may not be ideal for larger projects

If you’re interested in the 4-Ton leather clicker press from Weaver Leather, you can check it out on their website here. You can also find Weaver Leather’s listing on Amazon for a slightly cheaper price.

The Weaver leather story is what many business today strive for and purchasing this equipment by weaver leather helps to support a true American company that has served the leather industry with so much quality tools, equipment, and materials.

2. VEVOR Leather Cutting Machine – (Most Durable All-round Clicker Press)

Vevor is not a dedicated brand to the leather craft like Weaver leather but instead, it’s in the general goods niche with some amazing sets of products that range from home, office, outdoor, sports and to the arts and crafts category where the leather clicker press happens to be one of their good performing products.


  • Product Material: Carbon Steel
  • Pressure: 1.5-Tons
  • Product Weighs approximately: 82.7 lbs
  • Product Dimension: 18 x 14 x 12 inches

The Vevor leather cutting machine is a truly versatile cutting tool that can be used in a rugged and carefree manner and will still be able to withstand the wear it gets due to its superior stability and strong bearing capacity.

This clicker press is made with cold drawn steel and has been finished with surface treatments that makes it rustproof. The pressure from the clicker is exceptionally dispersed by it’s concave pressure relief pad to protect its steel.

What Vevor has done pretty well that Weaver leather hasn’t really done is the consistent supply of a wide variety it has to offer. Especially with their upper platen sizes ranging from 180 by 120mm, 200 by 140mm, 260 by 120, 260 by 160mm, to 280 by 140mm that makes it suitable for a lot more materials.


  • The price is relatively affordable compared to that of weaver leather.
  • Made of durable materials which is rustproof and very steady.
  • No maintenance required for this equipment due to it’s self lubricating copper sleeve unlike having to do frequent greasing with Weaver leather clicker press.
  • Not a lot of effort is required due to it’s double guiding shaft.
  • Comes with and Allen Wrench and a Spanner.
  • It’s can be used with regular stamping tools, English points, chisels etc with it’s hole slot on its clicker.
  • It can withstand up to 1.5 ton pressure although quite low than what the one from weaver leather presents.


  • The Allen wrench used for making adjustments is very huge
  • It’s adjustment knobs are very bulky

If you’re interested in the leather clicker press by Vevor, you can check it out over here for price and shipping details on Amazon!.

Who To Buy From

The brand you choose should be one you know or have learned quite a bit about and as a result gives you some level of confidence and assurance that the purchase you are about to make is to a large extent a reliable one.

Different clicker press and brands have different “specialties” and reputations for reliability, and knowing what those are can save you from buying a used cheap knockoff that’s going to fall apart the second you attempt even clicking what has been promised it could do.

While the brands I have listed for the best leather clicker press aren’t certainly the only brands available, they are of well-known quality brands that should serve you well as long as you do your part by searching and buying from the right sources like the company website or Amazon!


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