15 Reasons Why Leather is Good!

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There are countless reasons why leather is good but it is important to know and understand these 15 reasons so as to always make leather your number one choice when buying projects or choosing materials for making products.

The reasons why leather is good are Leather:

  1. Last life long
  2. Give You Value for Money
  3. Leather is Durable
  4. Has an ability to Stretch
  5. Is Flexible
  6. Has an ability to Breathe
  7. Can withstand Extreme Weather
  8. Is Versatile
  9. Can be Molded and Formed
  10. Is Natural
  11. Is Easy to Clean
  12. Is Eco-Friendly
  13. Smells Good
  14. Is Comfortable to Use
  15. Has Wide Range of Colors

In order to learn more about the reasons why leather is so good, keep reading!

1. Leather Last Life Long

You can call this quality of leather LLLL 🙂 Leather, like fine wine ages the best. The longer it stays the more beautiful it patina with soft sheen giving leather its character and hallmark of high quality.

Leather indeed lasts life long as there are several historical findings from ancient Roman use of leather by pharaohs. A lot of civilizations’ history has been preserved because of leather.

Leather items like shoes, saddles, garments, etc are able to last long because of the enduring uniqueness of leather as a material. The grain side of the leather which is the part where fur and hair grows is naturally made to protect the animal’s skin for as long as the animal lives.

So, anything made from leather automatically adopts all that quality leather poses that will allow the product to last you a lifetime.

It goes without saying that, even though leather lasts life long, it is however not automatic. You have to care and maintain leather with the appropriate cleaners and conditioners. Just like the human skin which needs to be bathed, cleaned and conditioned, so must be done for leather to retain its natural beautiful look at it lasts through time.

2. Leather Gives You Value for Money

Purchasing leather or leather made products can be super expensive compared to other fabric or synthetically made products. Most people are discouraged by the outrageous price tags on leather products and opt for cheaper products instead.

But let’s say you bought a synthetically made leather backpack for $100 and you use it for 2 years and you buy a backpack made of real leather for $500 and you can use it for more than 10 years, without doing any math you know the return on investment on the backpack.

One may ask, won’t the leather item be out of fashion if it is last that long? The answer is No!. Leather items no matter the design or style has a timeless look and remains fashionable.

3. Leather is Durable

Leather being able to last life long and give you a high return on your money is due to its durability. Leather has tensile strength, resistant to wear and tear, and it is puncture resistant.

Leather is highly durable especially if it is really natural top grain leather. There are so many manufacturers out there who try to scientifically imitate real leather with synthetically made leather which is not as tough and durable as real leather itself.

Leather can be expensive for the unbudgeted and a bit frustrating when you want quality and price is a barrier. It is however totally worth it as it a through and through durable material.

Products made from leather can lasts very long than you can ever imagine.

4. Leather has the ability to Stretch

Leather has the ability to stretch from the grain side and the flesh side especially when wet. This means leather can stretch beyond its boundaries.

At the tanning stage of turning animal hides into leather, the ability of leather to stretch is used to measure the stress the leather can handle. All leather stretch to an extent but it is, however, important for a leather artist to choose the appropriate leathers to do certain specific projects.

For heavy-duty projects like conveyer belts, combat boots, etc. the leather artist may consider strong, tough leather and stretchy leather.

5. Leather is Flexible

Leather is soft and flexible enough considering the right weight is selected. Leather lends its flexibility from the tanning processes that it goes through which makes leather a highly workable material.

The tanning process removes excess flesh, fats and all other materials that do not make leather what it is supposed to be. The type of tanning done goes a long way to also determine how the leather will feel.

The flexibility of leather does not in any way take away the durability of leather. Leather products in the onset of purchase will appear not soo flexible, but upon constant usage, it will become more and more flexible while retaining its shape and flexibility.

6. Leather has the ability to Breath

Yes! Indeed, leather has the ability to breathe. Leather Breathing is not when leather takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide, but simply, leathers ability to allow air to pass through its pores.

The nature of the fibers of leather makes it able to breathe after tanning. Leather or leather products if kept in airtight places it will literally suffocate breeding mold on the leather item.

Same way if you apply anything in the form of conditioners or cleaners that block the natural pores on leather it will be moldy and this will damage the aesthetic look of your leather item.

7. Leather has an ability to withstand Extreme Weather conditions

Natural leather can withstand extreme conditions of heat and cold and will not so much be affected in structure. Leather shoes, boots, bags, garments when well-tailored can be used in all weather conditions.

Leather is not highly flammable or sensitive cold. All you need to do is to give it quarterly care and maintenance and it will serve you well all 4 seasons.

In the fashion industry, leather can be tailored to different wears for different seasons. Particularly, there is apparel like leather jackets, gloves, boots, leggings, hats, etc.

8. Leather is Versatile

Real leather is a versatile material that can be used for many many purposes. I took the time to categorize what leather can be used for.

Groupings Leather Item
Containers and Holders Handbags, purses, key holders, Water
and food containers, bags, mobile
phone holder, spectacle cases,
comb case, tents
Body Items Footwear, clothing, gloves, hats,
Amulets, boots, hats, bracelet, caps,
belts, watch- straps, belt, sandals
Household Items Sofas, hassocks, furnishing
Pouf/footrest, mats, lazy chair,
scrolls, floor carpet, wall decorations
Religious/ Magical Items Drums, skins, talisman, amulets,
flying whisk, scepter
Industrial Items Conveyor belt, boots, aprons,
Bellows, aprons, lows, gloves
Sports and Recreational
Items Football, cricket bats and balls,
Lazy chair, dancing costumes,
shoes, gloves, spiked shoes,
musical instruments, xylophone,
guards, drums
Protective Case Items
Helmets, quivers, amulets,
Wardress, whip, whisk, sheaths,
bullet strap, holsters, boat, saddles
Transport and
Car seats, mobile phone case/ holders,
car accessories, steering wheel coverMusic and
Drums, organs, fifers, organ covers,
guitar straps, musical instrument cases
Animal accessories Dog collars, leash, muzzles, harness,
saddles, muzzles

9. Leather has Molding and Forming Qualities

Leather can be molded and formed to take the shape of a given object. Shoes, pouches, bags, etc. retains its shape no matter what. It one of the awesome qualities of leather and lends itself for the artist to be creative with leather.

The process for molding leather is really simple as all it takes is to dampen or wet the leather with ordinary water and then forming it around your preferred for mold which can be plastic, metal or wooden. Modeling tools can also be used in this process to bring out the shape of the object in leather.

With its molding and forming quality, leather can be used to a large extent to make some sculptural artworks like relief work, busts, and many more.

10. Leather is Natural

Leather is one of the most prestigious gifts from mother nature sourced as a by-product of the meat industry. I will categorize the various group of animals from which leather can be obtained.

Group Animal Use of The Leather
1. Deer Group Deer, Fallow, Antelope,
Shoe Uppers, Gloves,
2. Pig and Hog
Boar, Peccary
Inner of shoes,
Shoe uppers
3. Buffalo Group Buffalo Luggage, Handbags,
Shoe Soles
and Uppers
4. Cattle Group ox, cow or bull Shoe soles, Wellington
boots, Shoe uppers,
Travel bags, Garments,
Briefcases, Parchment
5. Sheep/Goat
Kid/Lamb Group
Goat, sheep Shoe Lining, Gloves,
Aprons, Book Binding
Aviators’ clothing
6. Equine Group Horses, Colt, Ass,
Mule, Zebra.
Shoes, Gloves, Garments
and Sporting Goods
7. Aquatic Group seal, sea lion, walrus,
goose, shark, whale,
blackfish, dolphins,
Shoes, Handbags, Fancy
leather goods
8. Minor Group Ostrich, Lizard, Snakes,
shoe uppers,
Fancy leather Goods.

11. Leather is Easy to Clean

Leather just like the human skin can be cleaned and conditioned to restore or retain its original look or beauty. When leather accumulated dirt or dust, you can simply dust it off and continue to enjoy your beautiful leather item.

Also, deeper cleaning may be required from time to time as leather is exposed to spills and stains. All it takes is a good mild saddle soap to clean the leather with and using a leather conditioner to restore the natural oils in the leather.

It is, however, vital to get good leather cleaning agents and conditioners. You can get leather cleaners and conditioners in the form of leather treatment kits found on numerous online and offline stores new you.

12. Leather is Eco-Friendly

Leather is a bio-degradable material and is very safe for the environment. Fashion today entails the use of varied fabrics and materials which are chemically made and as a result hurts the environment when not properly recycled.

The processing of natural hides in self like chrome tanning uses some amount of chemicals in the tanning process, however, this cannot be compared to the amount produced and discharged into the atmosphere, land and water bodies when making synthetic materials like leatherette.

With the durability and longevity of leather, once a piece of leather is processed in the tanneries, its usage is much more perpetual compared to chemically making fabrics that will only be used a few months or years and the cycle continues.

Using natural leather really saves the planet a lot of trouble and is best for the greater well-being of us as humans.

13. Leather Smells Good

Vegetable-tanned leather has a good and pleasant smell due to the natural tanning material like tree backs used in the tanning process. Leather owes its pleasant small to the processes it goes through including deodorization to remove bad odor. Leather also reacts very well with sweet-scented perfume treatment from artisans and world-famous brands.

It is almost instinctive to identify the smell of high-quality leather. On the other side of the spectrum is the chrome tanned leather. Chrome tanning is one of the most popular tanning methods due to how fast the process is. It makes use of chemicals like chromium salts that rush the tanning process.

The chrome tanning method entails a lot of chemicals which is typically the smell you will get on a chrome-tanned leather.

14. Leather is Comfortable Use

The comfort leather brings is priceless. Leather products like sofas, chairs, armrests, shoe, and many other alike done with high-quality leather are always the best in terms of product satisfaction and good user experience.

As we have already learned, leather has the ability to breathe and as such when leather is used to make garments, shoes, hats, etc they are more natural and feel just about right on the skin.

With most leather goods tailored for specific purposes remain functional to its purpose.

15. Leather has a Wide Range of Colors

Leather can be finished in different colors of choice of the artisan. The pores on the grain side of leather do not only allow leather to breathe but also allow for dyes to sit well in the pores making the dyes or colors more permanent.

Leather can be painted, dyed, or even printed. The most popular coloring method is dyeing because dyes are more permanent on leather. There so many dyeing techniques in leatherworking such as marbling, plain dyeing, fold dyeing, spiral method, etc.

When you buy leather products and you realize you do not like the color or parts of the leather item discolored after a long time of usage, you can recolor your leather article to suit what you want.


Leather is a unique material that serves well. Leather products are expensive but are totally worth it. Invest in buying original leather products, and it can become the unique inheritance for your generations to come or a charity. 🙂


Hi! I’m Kwabena, the owner and founder of Favored Leather. I’m a huge Leathercraft enthusiast and I’ve been that for almost 13 years now. I'm excited to share my experiences and all the new stuff I learn each day about leather craft, leather cleaning & care, and everything in-between!

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