9 Best Places To Get Holes Punched In Your Belt

where can i get holes punched in my belt

If you’re looking for a place to get holes punched in your belt, a few options are available.

In this article, I will share with you the ten best places to get holes punched in your belt.

1. Local Leather Repair Store

Many leather repair stores offer belt-hole punching services, so it’s worth checking out your local shop for options.

What they will do is measure your belt, mark the correct place to make the hole, and use a special tool to punch it.

In most cases, the entire process will only take a few minutes and cost you a minimal fee.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $5 – $20 for this service.

2. Department Store

Many department stores have a section dedicated to leather goods and accessories where you can find belt-hole punching services.

These places will also offer other services, such as stitching, cleaning, and conditioning for your belts.

In addition, you can find a wide selection of belts to choose from in these stores.

Places like Kohl’s, Macy’s, and JCPenney offer belt-hole punching services for an affordable price.

Generally, department stores offer a quick and inexpensive solution for your belt needs.

3. Dry Cleaner

Most dry cleaners who offer full services also offer belt-hole punching services.

This is a great option for those who need to get a belt hole punched in a hurry. It usually only takes about 10 minutes and costs around $10.

Visit your nearest dry cleaner to see if they offer this service.

4. Local Tailor or Seamstress Shops

Going to the tailor is one of the best ways to get your belt holes punched accurately and professionally.

Tailors are experienced in dealing with leather, and they are familiar with how to make proper holes.

Tailors also often offer many other services, such as altering or repairing clothing.

Prices can vary depending on the tailor and the amount of work.

5. Shoe Repair Store

Another great option for belt-hole punching is your local shoe repair store.

These places specialize in working with leather, and many offer belt-hole punching services. Not to mention, their prices are usually reasonable.

Shoe repair stores often have all the tools necessary to make perfect holes in belts, so you can trust them to do a great job.

6. Leather Goods Store

If you have access to a leather goods store, they will probably offer belt-hole punching services as well.

These stores typically specialize in leather items and accessories, so they know what it takes to work with this material.

Plus, they usually have all the necessary tools and equipment to do a great job.

7. Local Craft Store

Your local craft store is also an option for getting holes punched in your belt.

They may or may not offer this service, but they do carry supplies such as leather punches and other tools that you can use to make your own holes.

This is a great option for those with some DIY experience.

8. Online Shops

These days, you can even have your belt holes punched online. There are several online shops that offer this service for an affordable price.

All you do is ship out your belt, and they’ll use their specialized tools to punch the right size holes in your belt.

Also, these types of shops offer repairs and maintenance for your leather goods.

When you receive it back, you can expect a perfect job—all without leaving your home.

A good example of an online store that offers this service is Leather Repair Co.

Just be sure to check the reviews of any shop before placing your order.

9. Saddle Maker

If you have access to a saddle maker, they will most likely offer belt-hole punching services.

The cost of this service varies, but it is usually quite affordable. Plus, you know that the job will be done correctly because saddle makers have experience in working with leather of all kinds.

Alternative Ways To Punched Belt Holes

Here are a few better alternatives to get your belt holes punched. While a lot of these will require a bit of extra effort on your part, they will get the job done nicely.

1. Dremel Tool

Using a Dremel tool is an easy and efficient way to make holes in a belt. This is perfect if you already have one of these tools in your toolbox.

Plus, it’s a great way to save money on the service cost. Just make sure that you use the right bit and that you have a scrap piece of wood you can drill on.

All you do is mark out the part of the leather where you want to make a hole and then use the Dremel tool to drill through carefully.

2. Leather Punch

Using a leather punch is another great option for making belt holes. To do this, all you need is a leather punch, which can be easily purchased from any craft store.

Just make sure that the size of the punch matches your belt’s width—you don’t want to end up with holes that are too big or small.

Once you have your leather punch, just place your belt on a flat surface and press down with the punch where you want the hole.

It’s important to make sure that you are punching in a straight line so that your holes come out even.

3. Use a Hammer & Nail

You can do this by hammering a nail into the desired spot on your belt.

This may not usually be the most precise way of making a hole in your belt, but it will get the job done.

Just make sure to use a smooth nail that is slightly narrower than your desired hole size.

Place the belt on a flat surface and carefully hammer the nail into the leather where you want your hole.

4. Use an Awl

An awl is a tool designed to make small punctures in materials like leather, allowing you to create small holes in your belt.

You can purchase an awl from any craft store, and it is quite affordable.

All you do is place the awl in the desired spot on your belt and push down until a small puncture has been created.

Repeat this process for as many holes as you need in your belt. Again, make sure to keep your holes even in size and spacing.

5. Hot Nail

This is a great option for those who want to create larger holes. This will work on both real leather belts and faux leather belts.

To do this, you’ll need a hot nail and a pair of pliers.

First, heat up the nail until it is red-hot. Place it on the desired spot on your belt and use a pair of pliers to press down firmly.


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