6 Leather Stitching Punch Spacing & Uses: Beginner’s Guide!

leather stitch punch

The leather stitching punch is a very important tool for making leather goods. The size and spacing of the stitching punch greatly impact the look, feel, and longevity of the item you are making.

There are six common stitching punches with spacing size measurements ranging from 2mm to 5mm. This short guide will discuss the six stitching punch sizes and their common uses.

But first, let’s take a look at what a leather stitching punch is.

What is a Leather Stitching Punch?

A leather stitching punch is a tool used to create holes in leather for hand-stitching. It’s composed of two parts: the steel shaft and the brass tip (or “punch head”). The size of the brass tip determines the spacing between stitches.

What is Leather Stitching Punch Spacing?

Leather stitching punch spacing is the distance between each stitch in leather crafting. This is an important factor to consider when selecting the appropriate leather stitching punch for a particular project, as it can greatly affect the look and feel of the finished product.

Benefits of Leather Stitching Punch Spacing

The benefits of using a leather stitching punch with the right spacing are numerous. Using the right spacing can make your leather goods look more professional, last longer, and be easier to repair or alter if needed.

Additionally, it allows you to achieve a consistent stitch pattern that looks neat and tidy. Consistent spacing also allows for a more even distribution of tension across the leather when hand-stitching, which can help prevent thread breakage.

Last but not least, leather stitching punch spacing can also be used to create decorative patterns and shapes.

Now, let’s discuss each stitching punch size and its common uses:

Leather Stitching Punch Spacing And Common Uses

Here are the six most common leather stitching punch sizes and their uses.

1) The 2.7 and 3mm Stitching Punch:

Common uses include making holes for:

  • Smaller threads
  • Thin leather laces

This stitching punch is used for small, intricate works such as on wallets and small bags. This is the best leather stitching punch size for small threads or leather lace.

The 2.7 mm stitching punch makes holes that are close together, making it ideal for projects requiring fine details.

This is by far my personal favorite, as I love making fine stitches on the edge of my leather projects.

The best part is that not only will it make a tighter stitch, it will also make your project look more professional and polished.

2) The 3 and 3.38mm Stitching Punch:

Common uses include making holes for:

  • Small and medium size threads
  • Thin Leather thonging laces

The 3mm and 3.38mm stitching punch are commonly used for medium-sized threads and laces for all kinds of leather projects.

So you can rest assured that your projects will be secure and strong when you use either of these punches.

The best part is that these two punches create larger holes than the 2.7 and 3mm stitching punches, so your threads will be more secure in the leather material.

3) The 4 and 5mm Stitching Punch

Common uses include making holes for:

  • Medium to wider or large threads
  • Thicker leather laces

The 4 and 5mm stitching punches are perfect for larger leather projects. Both of these sizes will allow you to make roomier stitches, so they can be used on heavier pieces such as bags, belts, and jackets.

These punches create larger holes than their smaller counterparts, requiring thicker threads and laces to be used.

The 4mm punch is perfect for small to medium-sized items, while the 5mm punch is ideal for larger projects that need sturdier threads and laces.

How To Use a Leather Stitching Punch

Using a leather stitching punch is very easy.

  • Start by marking out where you want your holes to be placed.
  • It’s also important to note that you can use an awl or stitching chisel to mark where the holes should be punched.
  • Then, take the leather stitching punch and make sure that it’s securely gripped in your hand.
  • Tap using a mallet or maul.
  • This will puncture a hole into the leather material.
  • Repeat this process until you have created all the holes that you need.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the six commonly used leather stitching punch sizes and their uses, it’s time to get down to business.

Whether you are making a wallet or a belt, using the right size of stitch punch for your project will ensure that your pieces look great and last a lifetime.

By keeping these common uses in mind, you’ll be able to use the proper stitch punch size for your project and get perfect results every time.

So grab those tools and start stitching!

Good luck!


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