7 Reasons Leather Recliners Squeak: (3 Easy Ways To Stop It)

why does my leather recliner squeak

Leather recliners are a staple of many homes, but they’re not without their faults. One of the most common complaints is that leather recliners squeak. In this article, I’m going to share with you 7 reasons why leather recliners squeak and relatively easy fixes so that you can enjoy your home theater system, living room, or television in peace once again.

So why does my leather recliner squeak? A leather recliner may squeak due to the following reasons below;

  1. Leather Recliners May Squeak When It’s New
  2. Leather Recliners Squeak When The Leather Becomes Dry
  3. Squeaking Noise May Come From Internal Mechanisms Of The Leather Recliner
  4. How The Leather Has Been Used To Cover The Recliner
  5. Squeaking May Come From Internal Mechanisms Of The Recliner “Wearing Out”
  6. Leather Material May Have Not Yet Been “Broken In”
  7. Cheap Quality Leather Material

To learn the details on how your leather recliner squeaks and how to stop your leather recliner from squeaking, keep reading this article.

1. Leather Recliners May Squeak When It’s New

Some people find that their leather recliner squeaks when they first get it. But the noise will normally go away after a few weeks or months.

The reason for this is because of a break-in period. Leather needs to stretch and take shape before the chair becomes comfortable enough not to make any noises at all.

However, if your recliner still continues to squeak even after an extended amount of time then you need to move on down our list!

Just like anything else with moving parts, creases can form over time which will lead to more friction between the materials causing them to squeak more than normal.

To fix this problem consider purchasing some furniture polish (such as beeswax) and apply sparingly into these areas to help reduce the friction.

You can also apply Vaseline or another petroleum jelly product liberally between the slats where it makes contact with the chair’s frame.

If your furniture squeaks because of loose parts then you’ll need to tighten them up as I will explain more about this in the subsequent points below.

2. Leather Recliners Squeak When The Leather Becomes Dry

One of the most common reasons that a leather recliner will squeak is when it’s dry or drying up.

When the leather on your recliner is left without conditioning, moisturizing, or constantly exposed to less than 25% humidity, starts to crack, and you’re going to start hearing some squealing sounds in no time.

That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the leather recliner chairs you have in your living room or in your theater — in fact, it means that you need to take care of moisture levels!

It’s important to do regular leather conditioning treatments so that the leather is moisturized and conditioned, preventing the leather recliner from drying out.

3. Squeaking Noise May Come From Internal Mechanisms Of The Leather Recliner

If you’re hearing squeaking noises coming from your leather recliner, there may be an issue with the mechanism inside of it. If this is happening to you, first do quick troubleshooting following the instructions listed below.

It’s possible that what’s making your chairs squeak isn’t actually the leather at all. A few of the main causes of the squeaking sound from your recliner can be from the metal springs or coils in between cushions.

These can sometimes start rubbing against each other as time goes by and break down over years of use. This often happens because these parts rub against each other and cause noise.

If this is the case, it’s possible that these parts may need a little bit of lubrication so they stop rubbing against one another and causing squeaking noises when moving the chair back or forth.

You might have heard about creams for furniture on TV before which can help with this problem; however, there are also DIY solutions if you want to save some money!

A few things like oiling the metal springs or coil cushions as well as using soap to remove dust particles from between them will help fix this issue right away.

This is often an easy thing people forget about but I think it’s important to mention that every chair will need some kind of maintenance as they get older whether there is squeaking noise or not.

4. How The Leather Has Been Used To Cover The Recliner

Leather is often used in the manufacture of furniture such as recliners because it looks and feels great, plus there are lots of different colors to choose from.

If the leather is installed in the way that it rubs against each other then this can cause the leather recliner to make this annoying squeaking noise.

Some of the ways to fix this are by simply finding a way for the leather pieces to not touch each other and also using some kind of lubricant, like oil or wax that will help keep it from sticking together.

5. From Internal Mechanisms Of The Recliner “Wearing Out”

The mechanisms that help the recliner to open and close may be rubbing against the frame of the chair over time causing it to make a squeaking sound.

This can be from wearing recliner parts like weakened bolts and nuts, the grommets and the back supports, etc making noise as when you sit or pull the mechanism.

You can fix this by greasing up those moving parts or just replacing them altogether. You should also check for any loose screws on both sides of the recliner so they don’t make a rattling noise when you sit down in your recliner.

If there are, secure them with some kind of adhesives like wood glue or contact cement- whichever will work best for your furniture type and material.

Some people find success using silicone spray lubricant as well because it won’t dry out while other types might not last very long at all. Just remember to read instructions carefully before applying anything new to your leather recliner!

6. Leather Material May Have Not Yet Been “Broken In”

Another reason why your leather recliner may squeak may be due to the leather material not being broken in yet. Break in to a leather item is when the leather is worn in from use, which will make it less likely to squeak.

This is why leather items you have had for a long time tend to be a lot more comfortable to use and feel customized.

One way to get around this issue if you are not sure whether or not your leather has broken in enough yet would be to try to find a leather conditioner, which will soften the material and help it feel more broken in.

For faux leather recliners, you can use kitchen oil to get your recliner squeak-free if you do not want to buy anything new for this issue.

All you have to do is rub some cooking oils onto the areas of your leatherette that are starting to make noise when used.

If none of these methods work out then you may need a professional opinion on how best to fix your furniture once and for all!

7. Cheap Quality Leather Material

The leather recliner can also start to squeak when the leather material used to make the recliner is of low quality. Cheap quality materials like Faux Leather can make your leather recliner make those annoying noises.

Faux leather is made of a fabric or synthetic material that mimics the look and feel of genuine animal hide. Faux leathers are often used in furniture because it’s easier to clean than real leather, but also has an added benefit: faux leather can be less expensive than real upholstery materials like natural hides.

However, faux leather really only comes into its own when you’re looking for cheap quality- this means the low price as well as lower durability which will result in poorer performance with age.

If high quality and longevity are what you’re after then your best bet would be to opt for a genuine top grain cowhide recliner instead!

How To Stop Leather Recliner From Squeaking

1. Rubbing Paraffin Wax On The Leather Recliner

You can stop your leather recliner from squeaking by rubbing paraffin wax into the leather. This will keep it soft and quiet, but also make your leather recliner waterproof.

2. Baby Powder Or Talcum Powder

You can also use baby powder or talcum powder on the surface of your leather recliner to help stop the squeaking noise.

3. Conditioning The Leather Recliner

Another easy but effective way to stop your leather recliner from squeaking is by conditioning it. Using conditioner will make your recliner look and feel better and give it a protective layer to keep out the dirt and grime that would otherwise make the leather dry, causing squeaking problems down the line.


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