5 Things That Make Faux Leather Jackets Tacky Plus Easy Fix

are faux leather jackets tacky

Are faux leather jackets Tacky? There are a lot of reasons that can prompt this question. So in this article, I’m going to help bring some clarity to this question so that you will be able to make a pretty confident decision – either to purchase or to wear your faux leather jacket.

So are faux leather jackets tacky? Not all faux leather jackets are the same. While some leather jackets will have suitable textures, quality, style, and color that will not make them look and feel tacky, other cheap and low-quality faux leather jackets will definitely be tacky.

To learn more about some of the things that make faux leather look or feel tacky, keep reading this article.

1. The Look And Style Of The Leather Jacket

One of the very first things that can make you know if a particular leather jacket is tacky is the way it looks. By simply observing the leather jacket you can tell same way others can notice if a leather jacket is tacky or not.

Usually, faux leather jackets that come with a nice decent cut will be very deceptive, and hard to tell how tacky it is.

If you’re on the market looking for leather jackets and you’re either vegan, have a low budget, or simply want a great alternative to a real leather jacket but do not want to pick out something that’s tacky, go for faux leather jackets that are not too shiny or have a lot of attachments and embellishments as these can make your choice cheap looking.

What you will want to go for are the faux leather jackets that are simple-looking with stitches similar to the ones you will often see on biker leather jackets.

2. Quality Of Faux Leather

The quality of the faux leather material used for the leather jacket will also be another way to possibly tell if it’s tacky or not.

While high-quality faux leather jacket brands like H&M, Levi’s, etc will have a lot of their leather jackets looking like real leather, the ones on the low end of the spectrum might not always do a great job of producing a non-tacky looking and feeling faux leather jacket.

A very easy way around the issue of pricy top brand faux leather jackets is to go for low-priced leather jackets that combine other natural materials like cotton or wool. with faux leather.

You can go for jackets with faux leather materials as sleeves or pockets. The type of contrast the combination of the two materials creates will make the faux leather parts less tacky and instead look like real leather.

Or instead of going for giant patches of other natural materials, you can also go for faux leather jackets with quiltings, beadworks, or fringes. These will all help to distract others from perceiving your faux leather jacket as tacky.

3. Types Of Textures The Leather Comes With

If the surface of the faux leather jacket is perfectly smooth then chances are it will be tacky. Nothing gives faux leather away than a very consistent smooth surface.

A pro tip that works all the time when it comes to faux leather is a varied array of textures on the surface of the faux leather. Leather jackets made from faux or fake leather will have certain grainy textures to them.

So you can go for faux leather jackets with a distressed look or textures to help hide its fake tacky look.

4. Colors

Generally, real leather will often come with a very limited color palette. You will often find real leather jackets in natural earth colors such as browns, blacks, and khakis colors.

Faux leather, on the other hand, will come with a wider array of colors and will usually comprise very bright colors.

If your aim is to ensure your faux leather jacket doesn’t have a tacky look, you would want to stay away from trendier bright and metallic colors that are normally associated with faux leather.

Instead, you would want to go for faux leather jackets with natural earth colors with their color not very consistent and to shine. These types of faux leather jackets will usually be less tacky and will often be seen among the class of real leather jackets.

5. Type Of Finish On The Leather Jacket

As hinted above, the type of finish makes a significant difference in how tacky looking and feeling the faux leather jacket could get.

And usually, when we talk about finish in terms of leather goods, we usually refer to how shiny or matte the surface of the leather item is.

The first thing that often comes to mind when people see shinny leather materials is fake leather. But in actual sense a lot of real leather jackets these days will be finished very shiny.

These types of leather are what is often called patent leather. Patent leather is a pretty common type of material or leather used for leather jackets today.

They are more resistant and require very little care and maintenance. Because of this, there is a huge boom in the patent leather goods industry.

With patent leathers increased popularity, any type of leather jacket whether faux or not are easily considered patent leather and will often not be considered tacky.

That’s your cue. You can try faux patent leather jackets as they look just like real patent leather. The interesting thing is, most of the world-renowned brands like Versace and Calvin Klein all use faux patent leather and they look rich and very luxurious.

If you’re not a fan of the high-gloss finish of the faux patent leather, then you can go for a matte faux leather jacket as it’s your ultimate bet for a non-tacky-looking faux leather jacket.


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