4 Easy Ways To Pack Leather Jacket Without Damaging It

how to pack a leather jacket

Is time to pack for your next trip? Or packing up a leather jacket to be shipped or for storage. Either way, packing your leather jackets properly is essential to keeping it in good condition. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you out in the process of packing a leather jacket so that it does not get damaged.

So how do you pack a leather jacket? Here are 4 easy ways to pack your leather jackets without causing any damage to them;

  • Use A Garment Bag To Pack Your Leather Jacket
  • Use A Hanger To Pack Your Leather Jacket
  • Pack Leather Jacket On Top Of Your Bag
  • Put Your Leather Jacket In A Non-Plastic Storage Container

To learn the details on the above mentioned ways on how to pack your leather jacket, keep reading this article.

1. Use A Garment Bag To Pack Your Leather Jacket

Garment bags are very spacious and can be used to store clothes, shoes, and other accessories for an upcoming trip.

Garment bags are also great ways to pack your leather jacket for storage. It is a great way to store your leather jackets away for another season.

It’s also beneficial because it helps protect your leather jacket from any dust or moisture in the air or that might spill or leak especially on leather jackets during transit.

Garment bags often have some water resistance to them. This is especially useful if you’re traveling on long road trips or by plane as this provides protection against spills on the luggage trolley where dirty water may drip down onto your suitcase.

The downside of using a garment bag is that it won’t fit inside another piece of luggage which means you’ll need extra space to pack one too.

Also, if the leather jacket is left in the garment bag for long it may start getting affected by heat the will be created. The main thing to do here is to store the leather jacket inside a garment bag that is on a hanger.

Hanging the jacket prevents it from getting creased and keeps it in good shape for as long as possible.

You also want to stuff the leather jacket with acid-free tissue paper especially around the arms of the leather jacket to prevent the arms from collapsing in on themself.

The tissue paper will also draw out moisture from the leather jacket so that mold does not grow on the leather jacket.

Another important thing to do when packing your leather jackets in a garment bag is to make sure all zippers and buttons are fastened.

Video On How To Pack Your Leather Jacket In A Garment Bag

2. Use A Hanger To Pack Your Leather Jacket

Another way you can pack your leather jacket is by using a hanger. This is a quick and easy way to pack your leather jacket because you’re only packing one item at a time as opposed to five or six which can be overwhelming if it’s in the garment bag.

You want to make sure the hanger you pick out is wide enough to properly support the shoulders of the leather jacket. This will help to keep the shape of the jacket by preventing the leather jacket from drooping.

You also want to go for a hanger that is strong enough to hold the weight of the leather jacket. One of my personal favorite is cedar wooden hangers or those ones that are padded.

Another thing I like about the cedar wooden hangers is that they can help to remove light odors that reside in the lining of your leather jacket.

To pack your leather jacket with hangers, you will need the following:

  • A hanger
  • Packing paper or cloth to wrap around your leather jacket and attach it to the hanger. Do not use tape on the garment bag because this can take off some of the paint from your jacket.
  • And finally, a large rubber band that is also clear so people don’t see what’s inside when they’re in transit with your suitcases/bags

To pack your leather jacket using packing material, simply open up one end of it and place over shoulders of coat like how someone would wear a shawl for warmth.

Wrap arms through sleeves then twist wrapping material together at back as if tying a ribbon around a package. Secure with elastic string (rubber bands)

3. Pack Leather Jacket On Top Of Your Bag

Another way to pack your leather jacket is to put it in your packed bag. What this basically means is that your leather jacket goes on top.

To do this, you will start by fold the leather jacket. You will want to fold the leather jacket just about enough so that it does not develop too many creases and just enough so it fits on top of your bag or packed luggage.

This is a great way to pack your leather jacket because the jacket will be the last thing you put in your bag and it is also a way to make sure that your leather jacket doesn’t get too damaged.

And ofcourse, packing a leather jacket this way is great when you do not have a place to hang your leather jacket or when traveling a very short distance and simply want to get all your stuff in one luggage. The hardest part with this method is often how to fold the leather jacket.

Quick Step-By-Step Guide On How To Fold Your Leather Jacket

Step 1:

  • First, fold shoulder to shoulder and do so by aligning the shoulder seams. Do so while extending the collar.
  • Now make sure there are no big creases by flattening the surface of the leather by running your palm over the folded shoulder downward.

Step 2:

  • Take the sleeves or arms of the leather jacket, make sure they are aligned. Fold them inward and keep them in a vertical position.
  • Make sure the folded shoulder section and the sleeves are as flat as possible and the collar and shoulder seams are still perfectly alligned.

Step 3:

  • Now simply roll or fold your leather jacket into two to make it smaller. Rub your palm over it to make sure there are not big creases.

Step 4:

  • Place the leather jacket onto of your packed luggage.

It is important to add that once you arrive at your intended destination, immediately unpack the leather jacket and hang it by the shoulder in a closet with fairly low humidity.

4. Put Your Leather Jacket In A Non-Plastic Storage Container

Another way to pack your leather jacket is to put it in a non-plastic storage container like a wooden trunk or a suitcase.

You would want to lay the leather jacket flat in the container and then put in a few layers of clothes like t-shirts, shirts, or jeans to soften it up.

If you’re packing the leather jacket into a wooden trunk, you would want to make sure the lid and the base of the trunk are able to let in air to make room for good in and out airflow.

Leather is a natural material and needs to breathe. So cracking the lid of the wooden trunk is a great way to allow your leather jacket to breathe. If you choose to go in a suitcase, you want to make sure it is unzipped.

Place the jacket flat inside the container with some soft materials on top. Try not to use plastic storage containers as there is more risk that leather will get damaged by moisture during storage or shipping.

When you arrive at your destination, carefully unpack and hang your coat from its shoulders so that it can dry out properly after being squeezed into tight quarters for days.

If possible, air out your leather jacket overnight before wearing it again! The wrinkles should come right out once hung up.”

Important Tips Before Packing Your Leather Jacket

Cleaning: Clean your jacket with a lint roller or damp washrag and mild soap. This will help remove any dirt, pet hair, and grime on the leather’s outer surface.

Treat Stains: If you have minor stains, use leather cleaner or saddle soap to remove the spot. You can also use mild dish soap and warm water.

Conditioning: Apply leather conditioner as needed if your jacket is looking dry and scaly after cleaning. Conditioners are available in spray bottles at most department stores, pet shops, horse tack supply stores like Tack Room for Horses.

Weatherproof: Waterproof your jacket for long-term storage and packing. If you plan on storing your coat away from home for an extended period of time and want it to last longer than usual, apply a weatherproof sealant or protectant before packing up your jacket.

This will help protect the leather from being damaged by moisture during storage or shipping. Make sure to air out your leather jacket at least 24 hours before packing it.

Maintain: You can do this by stuffing the insides of your jacket with acid-free paper so that the leather jacket absorbs any form of moisture.


Packing a leather jacket can be tricky. First, you need to know what type of coat you have and then figure out what the best way to pack it is. In this post, I shared with you some of the best ways to pack your leather jacket.

This post also covers tips that will work for everything from how to pack full-length leather jackets, or even just your favorite leather blazer for travel, shipping, or storing them until the next season comes around.


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