The 3 Best Leather Gouges on Amazon!

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We all as leathercrafters enjoy having the best of tools that get the job done right. But dealing with the challenge of finding the best tools can be a pain sometimes. So because of this, we went on a mission to find some of the best leatherwork tools and for this article, we researched 3 of the best leather gorges on Amazon!

So what are the best leather gouges on Amazon? The best leather gouges on Amazon in no particular order are;

  • C.S. Osborne Adjustable V Leather Gouge
  • Tandy Leather Craftool Adjustable leather “V” Gouge 31811-00
  • Swancrafts’ Professional-Quality Adjustable Leather V-Gouge

In addition to our top picks, we have also included more information on the features of each of the above-mentioned leather gouges. Enjoy the rest of the article. So in no particular order;

1. C.S. Osborne Adjustable V-Gouge

The House of C.S. Osborne has over the year carved a great name for themselves as one of the go-to brands for high-quality leatherwork tools. It’s an American company and in addition to its expertise in leather tools, also specializes in industrial tools and upholstery tools. The C.S. Osborne brand has been blazing the trail of high-quality tools since 1826.

C.S. Osbornes’ adjustable V-gouge is one of such quality leatherwork tools in their arsenal. It has a very simple design with a handle built for supreme comfort and a very comfortable grip. The way it’s built, it can be adjusted to almost any depth. However, you make have to sharpen it a bit before using it.

Best For:

This a perfect leather gouge for gouging folds. It’s 90 degrees shaped gouge is best used on any leatherwork projects where you’d require a sharp right angle fold. For example, in Projects such as item cases, purses, handbags, notebooks, etc.


If you’re interested in the C.S. Osbornes’ adjustable V-gouge, you can check out its latest price below on Amazon!

2. Tandy Leather Craftool Adjustable”V” Gouge 31811-00

The House of Tandy leather is a specialty retailer and wholesale distributor of leather and leather related products, tools and equipments. It has occupied the leather space since it was founded by Norton Hinckley and Dave L. Fort Worth, Texas in 1919. Today, Tandy Leather has over 100 stores worldwide.

Tandy leathers Craftool adjustable V-gouge is a very popular leather gouge. This Craftool comes with a beautiful contoured wooden handle that gives users that ultimate comfort with handheld tools.

The Tandy leather gouge has a quick-adjust knurled ferrule that can be used to position its blade to suit any depth you would want on your leather.

Best For:

The Tandy Leather Craftool Adjustable”V” gouge is great for all gouging activities such as fold lines and stitch lines. It can also be resharpened. Thank you for looking. The only downside to this tool is how small and slender the handle is and may not be suitable for users with big hands.


If you’re interested in the Tandy Leather Craftool Adjustable”V” gouge, feel free to check out its latest price below on Amazon!

3. Swancrafts’ Professional-Quality Adjustable V-Gouge

Swancraft is a distributor of a variety of leatherwork tools on Amazon and their Adjustable V-Gouge is one of their great offers.

The Swancraft adjustable V-gouge has a metal-cast frame with an adjustable knob that allows the user to easily adjust the blade of the gouge to a preferred depth. The adjustable feature will give you the flexibility, ease, and control in your projects. It also comes with a high carbon steel blade that you can resharpen when dull and would never have to replace.

The overall tool in itself is pretty small measuring around 6 x 1 x 3 inches making it very portable and easy to carry. To give the user the freedom to customize this tool according to their preference in terms of hand pressure and leather, the tool is designed to be a bit “loose” straight from the factory. This can be a pain if you’re like me and always want to start using your tools straight from the box.

Best For:

The Swancraft Professional-Quality Adjustable V-Gouge is best for you if you basically want a gouge to help you make not only folds but also achieving perfect box corners and making sharp lines.


If you’re interested in Swancrafts professional quality adjustable V-gouge, you can check it out via the link below on Amazon to buy and enjoy thier lifetime warranty.

What’s a Leather Gouge?

The leather gouge is a leather tool that can be used to make grooves on leather to make folding lines, stitching grooves, decorative grooves, etc.

The V-gouge is by far the most common type leather gouge although there are a lot of brands in the leather gouge space.

The leather gouge often can be adjusted for either very deep cuts/grooves or shallow cuts/grooves. However, others also come with no adjustment features.

The leather gouge is an important tool for several reasons due to the key role it plays with leatherwork projects such as bags, wallets, etc. It is important because it’s useful for making ridges that help to protect the stitches from wear and tear.

You will also be able to make folds on your leather easily no matter how thick the leather is. The Leather gouge also helps to create folds on square corners or any other angle much easier.

Tips to Remember When Using a Leather Gouge

  • Place leather on a hard surface before tooling.
  • Try out the depth of the leather gouge on a scrap piece of leather.
  • Make sure you blade is sharp before use.
  • Keep your leather down in a sturdy position with one hand while you gouge with the other.

How to Use a Leather Gouge

Using a leather gouge takes only a few simple steps to accomplish.

  1. Mark out the areas you want to create a groove
  2. Adjust the depth on the leather gouge
  3. Try out the depth of the leather gouge on a scrap piece of leather
  4. Start making your grooves on the workpiece.

You can check out a detailed article I wrote earlier about all you need know about leather gouge, how it’s used, importance of it, types of gouges, and some useful videos.


The leather gouge will make all your leather foldings, stitch lines, and decorations very easy, neat, and professional. From our picks, you can select the kind of leather gouge that suits you and your projects. Also, while our top picks have the best functionality you’d want in a leather gouge, they come with different designs, materials, and stlyes to choose from. Go for your preference and keep on enjoying your time working with leather. 😀

The 3 Best Leather Gouge on Amazon!


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