4 Easy Ways To Safely Remove Creases From Faux Leather

Faux leather just like most materials develops creases when it’s generally not kept well. In most cases these creases will appear naturally. But what are the best ways to remove creases from faux leather goods?

One of the best ways to remove creases from faux leather is by using an iron. Set the iron to the lowest heat temperature and then place a piece of brown paper, towel, pillowcase, or t-shirt between the iron and the faux leather while you press.

In the remaining parts of this article, I’m going to delve into the details of removing creases from faux leather using the ironing method. I also found three more awesome but simple ways to remove creases from faux leather goods. Keep reading this article to find out more!

How Does Faux Leather Get Creases

Without going off-topic, I thought it wise to, first of all, shed some light on how faux leather items get creases so that we have a solid background going forward with this discussion. So how does faux leather get creases?

1. Not Storing It Properly

One of the ways your faux leather items will get creases is by not storing them properly.

Whether it’s a faux leather shoe, jacket, dress pants, bag, or furniture, it can develop creases if they are not kept properly.

Faux leather goods that are crammed or stuffed into a drawer or closet will definitely develop some nasty wrinkles and creases which will be such a headache to deal with.

Lack of properly storing your faux leather items does not only include cramming or stuffing it improperly in a drawer or closet but also if the faux leather item is left in storage for a really long period of time can also cause it to develop creases and wrinkles.

2. Faux Leather Items Bought And Shipped May Arrive Creased

Faux leather goods that are purchased online and have to be shipped may arrive badly creased due to on-road transportation issues.

This can include currier services not handling goods carefully and delicately when they have to.

One typical example is buying faux leather clothing. The most common mistake some currier service personnel make with faux leather clothing will be to fold or box it instead of hanging it.

3. The Quality Of The Faux Leather

Low-quality faux leather items will crease a lot more easily due to the quality of material that might have been used either for coating it or in the form of low-quality fabric used.

This begs the question how do you know if a particular faux leather is low-quality when the material itself “faux” leather means fake or synthetic leather?

Without sounding or being too technical about it, I will say that if the thickness, texture, and flexibility of the faux leather fabric is a little grainy and does not feel good, then it’s probably not a good quality faux leather.

4. Frequent Use

The frequent use of your faux leather items like couches, sofas, etc will seriously crease or wrinkle under our bodies when we sit on them.

The couch or sofa is something that’s used almost every day and so will gradually and inevitably develop creases.

Other items such as shoes, jackets, wallets, to mention a few will also crease sometimes with very little use.

Later in this post, I’m going to show you how to prevent your faux leather from creasing.

How To Get Creases Out Of Faux Leather

There are a few ways you can successfully remove creases from faux leather but it’s going to depend on how wrinkled or creased your faux leather items are. Because of this, I’m going to share a variety of ways to do it.

Pro Tip: You would want to try the very easy and less involving methods of removing creases from faux leather before trying the very drastic and involving approaches.

Let’s jump into the meat of this content now!

1. Putting Weights On The Item

This is the first method you can use to remove creases from faux leather goods. It will, however, require a substantial amount of time to do this.

If your house is filled with books, clean bricks, or anything weighty and you’ve got some time then this method is going to help solve this problem.

This will work if you have a faux leather jacket, skirts, pants, and anything apart from shoes, boots, or anything that you might not want for it to lose its shape.


Here’s how you remove creases from faux leather goods using some easily accessible weights around the house.

Step 1: (Optional)

You can start by putting your creased faux leather item in a dryer for about a minute.

Step 2:

As soon as you remove the faux leather item from the dryer, lay it out flat on a smooth clean table or floor.

Step 3:

Place heavy stacks of books or bricks on the item. Make sure to cover the side of the leather you’re going to be placing the weights with a brown paper, cloth, or towel.

Also, you would want to make sure the weight you’re going to be placing on the leather is smooth without something that can put a dent, bubble the leather, or crease it.

You would want to leave the weights on the faux leather item for a couple of hours. You can set everything up and leave it till the next day. The longer the better.

2. The Steaming Method

Depending on what faux leather item it is, you will be able to remove creases by using the steam from the bathroom when you shower.

You will be able to use this method to remove creases from your faux leather Jackets, hats, pants, shoes, etc.

Here’s a step-by-step process for doing this without making the issue worse.


Step 1:

Put the faux leather item in the bathroom. You would want to make sure its position will be hard for water to reach.

If it’s a jacket you would want to hang it on a wooden hanger and place it on the bathroom door or towel holder.

If the faux leather item is particularly a pair of pants or skirt, be sure that they are hanged straight from the waistband down.

If you have a bathtub you can hang the leather item on the shower bar, or position it close to the shower bar and then fill the bathtub with the hottest water possible. This helps to steam the bathroom very quickly.

Step 2:

You can run the shower for a couple of minutes so that the steam gets the bathroom warm.

One thing I personally do is to find a suitable place in my bathroom to hang my creased faux leather item and then take a hot bath. This way I don’t waste a water.

You can tell if the bathroom is warm enough when the bathroom glass window(s) or doors fogs. Or if you have a way of checking the temperature in your bathroom, you would want to keep the water at around 105 F (40.5 C).

Step 3:

Keeping the bathroom door(s) and window(s)n shut, allow the faux leather item to steam as long as possible.

Tip: Make sure not to turn on the ventilation fan when doing this to prevent the steam from escaping.

Step 4:

When the bathroom steam starts to reduce you would want to quickly take out the item and smooth out the creases.

You can simply lay the steamed out the faux leather item on a flat and smooth surface and begin to gently pull out and smoothen the creases with your hand.

This method will work if there are only light creases on your faux leather items.

3. The Dryer Method

The dryer method is another way you can remove creases from your faux leather items. It’s a fairly easy method that will work exceptionally well.

This method will be great for you if you have a dryer in your house.


Step 1:

Put your creased faux leather item in the dryer for about 45 seconds to a minute.

You wouldn’t want to exceed the 1-minute mark because this will overheat the faux leather item and cause it to melt or breakdown the adhesives used in the assembly of the item.

Step 2:

After the faux leather item has been in the dryer for up to a minute, take it out and check if the creases are beginning to fade out.

What you do next is to stuff or hang the faux leather item for a few seconds.

For shoes, you can stuff them with some tissue papers, old socks, or anything that can fit in the shoes or boots.

And for jackets, pants, and other faux leather apparel, you can simply hang the item up and let it cool for a few seconds.

After the item has completely cooled, you can replace the item back into the dryer this time for a less amount of time (45 seconds or less). You can repeat this process till you’re satisfied with how much improvement you see with the creases.

Step 3:

After repeating this process about 2 or 3 times, you can finally leave the item hanged or stuffed and allow the warmth to naturally relax the faux leather item.

Step 4: (Optional)

If you have stubborn creases going on and you find there are still some creases on the item you can iron.

You can wait about 2 hours after step 3 and then iron out the remaining creases with a steam iron and a brown paper or towel.

You can go over the ironing method below for more details on ironing creases out of faux leather.

4. Ironing Method

Last but definitely not least is the ironing method. This is by far the most popular way to remove creases from leather and at the same time can be a little tricky to accomplish.

For most fabrics, the best way you’re going to be able to remove creases is by heat but when it comes to faux leather, things can go really well or terribly wrong.

This is because faux leather is a plastic material and the heat from the iron can melt or warp. So this process has to be done well and carefully in order to succeed.


Step 1:

Start by setting your iron to the lowest heat. You will particularly need to put your iron on the lowest setting if your faux leather item has a fabric backing.

You will be able to set your iron to a medium or high heat level if your faux leather item does not have a fabric backing.

Also, there is a bit of a debate around the issue of steam ironing faux leather vs dry heat ironing it. But what I found is while both will work perfectly fine, personally, I prefer using the dry heat method.

Step 2:

Put your faux leather item on an ironing board and lay a piece of brown paper, t-shirt, or towel, or pillow case.

Step 3:

Begin to press or iron over the towel or brown paper you have placed between the iron and the faux leather item. You would want to vary your ironing strokes and the pressure you put on the iron to remove the creases.

Iron in very brief intervals. From time to time, lift the iron and the brown paper, towel, or t-shirt to see how much improvement you’re making.

This is also going to give you the opportunity to check and see how the faux leather is reacting to the heat from the iron.

At this point, you will also be able to tell if the heat from your iron is just fine or you need to increase or decrease it.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is to allow the faux leather item to cool down in-between every pressing.

Video on how to use the ironing method to remove creases from faux leather

How To Prevent Creases

Although there are some instances you simply will not be able to prevent creases from the surface of your faux leather, there are other things you can do to minimize the chances of these creases appearing.

This will save you a tremendous amount of time trying to figure out how to remove those creases.

1. Clean It Right

Cleaning your faux leather items the right way is a good way to prevent creases. You should never throw your faux leather goods in a washing machine if it has not been indicated on its care label.

Here’s a video of how to clean faux leather

2. Dry Right

You also want to dry the faux leather item with care. When it’s time to dry your faux leather item after cleaning it, you would want to ensure you hang the faux leather item if it’s a jacket or some type of garment.

For shoes or boots, you can stuff them if necessary so they do not lose their shape.

Most of the time you will be air-drying your faux leather items. You would want to smooth them out with your hands before you go ahead to hang or lay them to gradually dry.

Still, on drying your faux leather goods, you would want to air-dry them in a well-ventilated place where air freely circulates.

3. Store It Right

Last but not least is to store your faux leather goods properly. You do not want to toss your faux leather goods such as garments in a drawer or closet as this can obviously cause serious creases on your faux leather item.

You want to hang all faux leather garment with a good wooden hanger and ensure they are not touching or rubbing against other items that you have hanged.

Also, you do not want to put your faux leather shoes in a pile on the floor. Instead, you would want to arrange them nice leaving a fair amount of space between each one of them.

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