8 Effective Ways To Keep Leather Car Seats Cool

How to make leather car seats cool

A beautiful day in the summer season can be easily made downright unpleasant by the uncomfortable heating of your leather car seats. Even the leather seats of high-end cars are not free from this stifling hot misery from the sun.

I spent sometime over the weekend researching on some simple but effective ways you can use to consistently keep your leather car seats cool and I’m ready to share with you all I found.

So how do you keep leather car seats cool? The easiest but effective ways to keep your leather car seats cool are:

  1. Leave Your Car Windows Slightly Open Or Cracked
  2. Using Seat Covers
  3. Install Solar-Powered Fans 
  4. Use Your Car AC 
  5. Park Your Car In A Shaded Area
  6. Use Windshield Sun Shade Or Window Visor
  7. Install Tinted Windows 
  8. Throw Blankets Over Your Seats

Who wants to be greeted by hot sweltering and sizzling leather car seats uncomfortable to touch or even sit on?. No one! So for the remain part of this article, I’m going throw more light on the above mentioned ways to keep your leather car seats cool. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Leave Your Car Windows Slightly Opened Or Cracked

Trapped heat will get an escape route to come out if you leave your car windows slightly open. This will in turn allow some cooler air inside for your special comfort. 

Cracking your car window, although not the most security friendly way of dealing with hot leather seats will help to minimize the heating. 

This doesn’t only apply to windows, if your car has a sunroof, open a small crack to keep the interior temperatures fairly cooled down. 

2. Use Seat Covers

Using seat covers as a way of cooling your leather car seats. Car seat covers today has seen a lot of innovation and using seat covers is going to be one of your best bets when it comes to cooling down your leather car seats.  on one of the best ways to keep your leather car seats cool.

Car seat covers come with different features today. There are car seats that are ventilated. These types of car seats are made of porous materials that allows your body to easily breath and make you feel cooler and less sweaty. 

Some other car seats covers are made with wooden beads that help to naturally keep your body cool as they tend to promote good airflow. 

I recently found a car seat cover that came with cooling gel pads and a gel foam technology which help to keep you cool well before your car AC kicks in.

3. Install Solar-Powered Fans 

This is a nudge above simply crack you car windows. Installing a solar-powered fan will help expel or circulate hot air from your car while maintaining a cool temperature on your leather car seats.

Most solar powered fans are also battery powered. The gift of the hot summers is the sun energy it produces. This a great opportunity to install solar fans in your car to effectively cool down the temperature in your car and leather seats. 

Solar powered fans help you to circulate air within your car when you are not in it so that upon your return, the air in the car isn’t muggy and stale. The fan mounts onto one of your car windows. The fan is made to be placed facing the interior of the car while the sleek flat backside faces the opposite way. 

To ensure your solar-powered fan cools down your car and the leather seats effectively, you would want to crack the window to about an inch to allow the hot air to circulate right out of the car when the fan is on. You will not only have your car leather seats cooler but in addition to that your car interior will be odor-free. 

Solar-powered fans are great if you’re at a place that is hot most of the time. They are very handy, eco-friendly and will surprise you with how effective they are at making leather car seats feel downright pleasant during the hottest summer days.

4. Use Your Car AC 

Using the car air conditioner to cool down the overall interior of your car will also cool down your leather car seats. As obvious as this is, a lot of people do it wrong.

The best way for you to cool down your car interior using the air condition is to ensure you create constant air circulation to lower your car’s overall temperature. You will be able to get the most out of your car air conditioner this way. 

So this is how you do it! When you come to your car and it’s steaming hot, just turn on  your car air conditioner to its maximum and then lower your car windows slightly for a few seconds. This will speed up the cooling process by pushing out any lingering hot air. 

When it start to feel cool inside, roll up the car window and switch to the cars’ re-circulating feature along with the air conditioning. This method doesn’t only cool your leather car seats but also help maintain the coolest air in the car. Enjoy!.

5. Park In The Shade

Parking in the shade if only this option is available to you is a fairly simple way to keep your leather car seats cool. Hiding your car in shade is an easy way to avoid direct sunlight hitting your car. The sun is one of the major causes of heating on leather car seats. 

The biggest mistakes most people make when it comes to parking is thinking “Oh, it’s not sunny today, I will just park here” only to be surprised by a drastic change in weather. If you cannot spend time checking what the weather is going to be like, try find a good spot for your car. 

At home, a carport constructed in your driveway is a great way to get a good shade for your car if you don’t have a garage.

When away from home, ensuring a good parking spot will mean spending a couple more minutes looking for the best place in the parking-lot to hide your car from the sun. It’s going to save you a lot of trouble when your ready to reuse your car. 

In other instances, you would have to spend some cash just to get your car a good spot away from the sun but close to where you’re visiting. It’s absolutely worth it if you really want to keep your leather car seats cool and comfortable. 

One of the good spots I always hide my car especially when I’m away from home is to locate the nearest tallest buildings, look at what direction the sun is at and park where the shadow of the building has been cast. Another great spot for parking is under leafy trees close to the sidewalk when I want to park in the open.

6. Use Windshield Sun Shade Or Window Visor

Using a windshield sun shade or window visor is another effective way of keeping your leather car seats cool. A windshield sun shade also commonly known as heat shields or UV shields are protective shields which can be attached to a car’s windshield or side window to keep the sun from reaching its interior components like the leather seats. 

Window visors are similar to the windshield sun shield. A Window visor is an acrylic or plastic attachment that is installed on a vehicle’s window frame to prevent overly bright light that can affect the car’s temperatures from getting in. 

The windshield sun shade and window visors be used together to keep your car leather seats and car interior cool. As the name implies, a windshield sun shade will go to the windshields of your car while the window visors goes to the car windows. 

Using either of these or both can help prevent your car interior and leather seats from heating up to sauna-like temperature. Another important thing this type of installation does is to also block the sun’s harmful UV rays from your car seat and other interior parts. 

Installing a Windshield Sun Shade will prevent leather seat burns to your hands and thighs especially on the drivers seat and front passenger seat. It will also help minimize how often or how long you would have to blast your air condition. These sun shades are very easy and convenient to use. 

Installing them can take a matter of seconds. You can easily pop them out and when not in use they are very easy to store. They often come with a storage pouch you can easily fit in your car door pocket or centre console. 

Sun shades made from high-quality nylon polyester materials are not only better for cooling car leather seats, they are also lightweight and extremely durable.

With most sun shades coming in different sizes to choose from, you can get one that best fits your windshield. This will keep your car leather seats cool and protected. Reflective windshield sun shades can also provide a similar purpose of cooling your car leather seats.

Installing window visors is a tried-and-tested way of counteracting hot temperatures and as a result, will keep your leather car seats cool. So go grab yourself a Windshield Sun Shade or window visor and put it up if you will be leaving your car on the sun for more than 3 minutes to keep your leather car seats and interior cool.

7. Install Tinted Windows 

While this is illegal in most parts of the world, it’s an effective way (If allowed in your area) to keep you leather car seats cool. Good window tints can reduce the sun’s UV rays that heats up and harms the leather car seats because it does a good job of blocking the sun’s thermal rays.

This is referred to as the high heat rejection rate of the tint. Using tinted windows is subject to the the laws setup to regulate its use. There are varied laws about tinted windows all over the world.

While some states and provinces allow tints to be installed on windshields, others only allow it on certain parts of the car. Some may also specify the size or dimension of tint you can use, while other places do not tolerate its use completely. 

So you would want to check out your state, province or country’s vehicle tinting regulations and hopefully if it’s allowed, you definitely want to go with it because tinting your car windows is another excellent way to cool your car leather seats and interior.

8. Throw Blankets Over Your Seats

You might call me old fashion but putting on some blankets over your leather seats will also help cool down your seats. You know how hot leather seats can get during the hot summer seasons.

To prevent this uncomfortable condition, throw blankets over your car seats when parking. You would want to do this if you don’t have window visors or windshield sun shade installed.

So all you do is cover your leather seats with light-colored blankets when you’re out of your car.This will shield the seats from direct sunlight.
You can simply toss them in your car’s trunk or place them on the floorboards when you return to use your car. 


All in all, I will say leather car seats, no matter how good they look are not fun during the hot summer seasons with how much heat they retain.

So I hope this article is going to help you find simple but creative ways of keeping your leather car seats and interior cool so that your ride around town during summer time will be enjoyable.


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