6 Best Electric Leather Cutting Tools: A Complete Guide!

Electric leather cutting tools are made purposely for mainly one thing and that is to make the entire leather cutting process super easy and fast. But what are some of the best electric leather cutting tool out there today?

So in no particular order, here are 6 of the best electric leather cutting tools you can employ in your leather craft:

  1. Pink Power Electric Scissors – (Best All-Round Cordless Electric Scissors)
  2. CGOLDENWALL Cutter – (Best All-Round Electric Rotary Cutter)
  3. Walfront Cutter – (Best Most Durable with Long Standby Time)
  4. Hi-Spec Electric Scissors (Best Ergonomic Design)
  5. CGOLDENWALL Electric Cutter – (Best Industrial Grade Electric Rotary Cutter)
  6. DONSU Electrical Leather Strip Cutter

A high-quality electric leather cutting tool can give you more nuanced control over various precision cuts in your leather workshop, complete cuts quicker, as well as help you drastically get rid of the fatigue you feel at the end of your projects when you use tradition leatherwork tools.

Before moving in the the details of each of the tools listed above, let’s take a look at some factors to consider, what to expect, and how to choose!

Buying Guide: Electric Leather Cutting Tools

Getting an electric leather cutting tool isn’t supposed to be difficult at all and yes! the points highlighted in this simple guide are definitely what might have guessed. Consider the points in this guide affirmations to what you already know or a reminder of what you’re to look out for when getting electric leather cutting tools.

1. Chargeable or Not

Depending on the type of cuts you would be making, you might want to consider a chargeable electric cutting tool or one you can simply plug and use.

While cutting tools you can plug are great, the cordless or the ones you can charge, to start with, offers a lot of freedom in terms of usage. They’re easy to move about and use even outside when your on your craft retreat with your friends!

Still on the electric cutters that can be charged, the charging time can range between half an hour all the way up to 4 hours. What you would want is a tool that has a fairly good balance between charge time and usage time. Nobody likes a tool that takes longer to charge and has a much shorter usage time.

For an ideal electric cutting tools you can expect a usage time between 2-4 hours or slightly more while others will hover a little over 1 hour. So what it will come down to is the duration of usage you would want in your cutting tool.

2. Batteries

Furthermore on chargeable cutting tools, the most common type of battery you will find used for these tools is the lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery. This is a type of rechargeable battery and are commonly used for portable electronics and electric vehicles.

To ensure a consistent and extended use of electric tools, most manufacturers will include one or two extra batteries so that while one is in use, the other remains on charge.

3. Plugs

Depending on which part of the world you are, you would want the plugs on your electric cutting tool to be suitable with what you have in your country. You will often find that plugs are tailored for the US!

4. Cutting

Now to what’s most important, how will the electric cutting tool of choice fair with the materials you cut? Simply put, these electric cutting tools are designed to either cut thick or thin materials or both.

For most of these tools, they will cut through thin materials like butter but may require a bit of adjustments before you can plough through the much thicker materials.

While some electric cutting tools will be built for both thin and thick, others will come with blades or in the case of electric scissors, will come with an extra scissors head that you can fix to make cuts on thicker materials.

5. Safety

Most of the electric cutting tools will be certified for safe use and so you would want to make sure to check out such disclosures on such certifications. Also, you can also look at a couple of safety features with the design of the tool like how exposed or covered blades are, safety switches, speed of the blade, handle, and overall size of the tool.

Electric Leather Cutting Tools – Reviews

After going through the quick buying guide, I hope you feel confident in what to expect and a rough idea of what you might like and how it will be applicable to your craft.

1. Pink Power Electric Scissors – (Best All-Round Cordless Electric Scissors)

The Pink Power Electric Scissors is robust and perfect if you want to cut same patterns in different layers of leather and thin leathers. With this high-quality electric scissors, all you will need to do is to slide the scissors over the leather and it will make your cut simple and effortless.

This electric scissors is a special upgraded version and cuts through materials like leather, paper, cardboard, and even metal easily without any effort on your part.

You will be able to use this tool for the longest time and if you need to, you can always change the blades or change the batteries and your tool will be as good as new for the longest time.

If your leather craft heavily relies on the use of scissors throughout your work days and you want the most advanced heavy-duty electric scissors, that’s cordless, super lightweight (less than the weight of a traditional scissors), and marries supreme comfortable grip with high efficiency, then the Pink Power Electric Scissors is the sure way to go!


  • Cordless
  • Easy to change blades
  • Fast Charging (less than 1 hour) and gives you up to 2 hours of standby time
  • Removable batteries
  • Soft comfortable grip
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with two specialty blades for thin and thick leathers
  • Very easy to maneuver
  • Comes with a whopping full three-year warranty


  • Not the best of scissors for you if you have arthritis in your hands because the button may be difficult for you to operate.
  • May be slightly noisy if you have sensitive hearing.
  • It also vibrates quite a bit as well.

If you’re interesting the Pink Power Electric Scissors, you can check it out over here on Amazon for any additional information you may need.

2. CGOLDENWALL Cutter – (Best All-Round Electric Rotary Cutter)

Next up is the CGOLDENWALL Electric Rotary Cutter. With a blade speed reaching 2400RPM, you’re sure to make quick, flexible, curved, and straight cuts with the most ease. If you think your regular rotary cutter is great, then this electric rotary cutter will certainly amaze you.

This electric rotary cutter has an inbuilt sharpening stone with an automatic sharpening wheel that helps to keep the blade super sharp all the time. Because of this feature you’re sure to enjoy high level efficiency of this rotary cutter for a really long time.

The CGOLDENWALL Electric Rotary Cutter is a heavy-duty cutting tool and by simply sliding the knife guard up, you would be able to match the thickness of the material you’re cutting and down to ensure the blade is safe if not in use.


  • It’s cuts very fast, flexibly, and is very easy to use
  • Comes with a helpful user guide
  • Consistent Super sharp blade
  • Can cut material thickness up to 1 inch
  • Superb for really long straight and curved cuts
  • Comes with an extra blade
  • Very safe to use


  • None

If you’re interested the CGOLDENWALL Electric Rotary Cutter, you can check it out over here on Amazon for pricing and shipping since they’re always changing.

3. Walfront Cutter – (Best Most Durable with Long Standby Time)

The Walfront Electric Rotary cutter is perfect for every leather work shop and will greatly help with a lot of your cutting needs. It’s rechargeable, super fast charging and allows you to use it for the longest time.

This electric cutter is highly efficient because with it’s small blade, it’s still able to power through thick leathers around 7-8mm and on top of that, it’s wear resistant, and very very safe to use.

If you want a simple and at the same time sophisticated electric cutting tool that will tremendously improve your production efficiency, reduce labor and production costs, and will stay powered consistently throughout your cuts, then the Walfront Cutter is what you should be looking at.


  • It’s fast charging but also has the longest standby time because of its 2 power supply methods
  • It’s super easy to use and super fast to cut with
  • Very portable
  • It’s cordless
  • Great for long, short, and curve cuts
  • Has a grinding wheel to keep the blade super sharp all the time
  • Comes with a storage box to keep it safe and organized


  • There’s certainly a learning curve for getting used to its handling

If you’re interested in the Walfront Electric Cutter, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

4. Hi-Spec Electric Scissors (Best Ergonomic Design)

The Hi-Spec Electric Scissors is priced relatively low when, but it offers outstanding quality with how it’s steadily & ergonomically built for safety and efficiency.

For its budget price, it comes with an extra battery so you can have one readily available as the other is in use. It also comes with two extra cutting blades, a sharp-cut scissors head for cutting flexible softer materials like leather, felt, & carpet and another scissors head with a broad-cut head blade you can use for cutting much tougher, harder materials such as plastics, vinyl, and tin sheets.


  • It’s relatively cheaper
  • Very durable
  • Has safety a switch that makes it very safe to use
  • Tremendously reduces the fatigue on the wrists from cutting
  • Cuts very smoothly and super fast
  • Good for thin and fairly thick leather
  • It’s very easy to use
  • Super lightweight
  • Comes with 3 years warranty


  • A bit hard on people with small hands and may require using both hands from time to time
  • It hard to find extra blade heads

If you’re interested in this Hi-Spec Electric Scissors, you can check it out over here on Amazon for additional information.

5. CGOLDENWALL Electric Cutter – (Best Industrial Grade Electric Rotary Cutter)

The CGOLDENWALL Electric Industrial Cutter has a 30mm maximum cutting thickness and a large 90mm blade size ideal for heavy layers of leather, cloth, paper, rubber, and etc.

It’s can also cut through multiple layers of leather and other materials and can do so very quickly like butter. Your curve and straight cuts will never be the same! With its inbuilt automatic sharpening stone, the blade is kept sharp all the time.

The CGOLDENWALL Electric Industrial Cutter is CE certified for high quality and if you make shoes, hats, etc, and want a sturdy industrial grade cutting tool that’s user friendly, then this tool right here will be a perfect fit for you!


  • Results in consistent neat cuts
  • It’s safe to use
  • No burs
  • It cuts through heavy leathers and other suitable materials easily
  • Doesn’t cause any wrinkles
  • It’s very sturdy
  • Comes with a user guide
  • Has an automatic sharping stone or a whetstone
  • Comes with two blades that’s very easy to replace


  • It’s drive gear is plastic so don’t get it too hot by using for tool so prevent the fear from breaking
  • The Blade’s position sometimes will obscure your vision so this tool is best used in a standing position

If you’re interested in the CGOLDENWALL Electric Industrial Cutter, you can check it out over here on Amazon for pricing and information about safety certification since a lot of you might be interested in putting this in your factories.

6. DONSU Electrical Leather Strip Cutter

The last but certainly not the least is the DONSU Electrical Leather Strip Cutter. It’s double-head that is, it’s a leather cutter and a slitting machine suitable for cutting leather items such as shoes, bags, etc.


  • It’s a multifunctional tool
  • Unlike most slitting machines, requires no maintenance
  • It’s made up of materials that makes it wear resistant
  • It’s cutting speed can be adjusted to suit your preference


  • It’s on the high price end

If you’re interested in this electric cutting tool, you can check it out over here on Amazon for more information.


In this article, I’ve gone over some of the best electric leather cutting tools that can help improve your efficiency, accuracy, and speed in making leather articles. I also included a short buying guide to help you decide on which tool will be best for you. Whatever choice you make, may you have the best of cuts and the unsubstantiated bliss that comes with the leather craft.

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