16 Best Self Healing Cutting Mats(Plus Helpful Guide & Tips)

Best self healing cutting mats

A cutting mat is a great tool that is a must-have in every professional crafter or hobbyist “toolbox”. The cutting mat is a surface on which you will do all your cutting and measurements. it is also important because it will serve as a surface to cut out templates, fabrics, leather and many other types of materials easily. But, what are the best self-healing cutting mats?

The best self-healing cutting mats are:

  1. ZERRO Self Healing Cutting Mat Double-Sided Durable5-Ply 12″ x 18″ (A3)
  2. Fiskars Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat, 24×36 Inch
  3. Cricut StandardGrip Cutting 12×24 3 Pack
  4. X-ACTO Self-Healing Cutting Mat, Non-Stick Bottom,Gray, 18×24 Inches
  5. OLFA 24″ x 36″ Double-Sided, Self-Healing Rotary Mat
  6. US Art Supply 18″ x 24″ Non-Slip PVC Cutting Mat
  7. Crafty World Deluxe Cutting Mats
  8. ARTEZA Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat, 18″x24″ Inch
  9. Calibre Art Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat
  10. Mary Paxton Leather Craft
  11. Nicapa StandardGrip Cutting Mat for Silhouette Cameo “12 by 24” Inch 3 pack
  12. DAFA Professional 36″ x 24″ Self-Healing, Double-Sided Cutting Mat, Rotary Blade Compatible
  13. Enpoint Self Healing Cutting Mat, Pcs “12 x 12” Inch
  14. REZY Self-Healing Round Rotating Rotary Turntable 8″ inchGreen Cutting Mat
  15. Quilting Cutting and Ironing Pressing Mat
  16. WA Portman Cutting Mat Set 24×36 Inch

Along with the list are additional features that make these cutting mats ideal for every leatherwork and craft studio. In no particular order, here are the best self healing cutting mats.

1. ZERRO Self Healing Cutting Mat (Best Cheap Self-Healing from all Cutting tools)

The ZERRO Cutting Mat is one of the best self-healing cutting mats because it’s constructed with 5 layers of PVC plastics that give it utmost healing capabilities. Meaning, it allows cutting on the boards to completely disappear. This will make this cutting mat a long-standing staple in your tools arsenal for years and years.

The ZERRO cutting mats are great to work surfaces for both children, leatherwork newbies, and professionals. It is best for drawing, cutting, templates, cutting leather, and cropping photographs.


  • It comes in different that can handle very small, medium and large projects
  • It is double-sided and very functional
  • Very durable due to its 5 layers of PVC plastics


  • You cannot store it rolled or bend
  • Cannot take extreme temperature thus you mustn’t iron on it and avoid direct sunlight

if you’re interested, check it out over here on Amazon for details on prices and sizes.

2. Fiskars Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat (Best Large Size Cutting Mat)

The Fiskars cutting mat is your choice if you want a huge cutting surface that will not require you to constantly shift over to protect your workbench and can make cutting full-width leather pieces and fabrics very easy and comfortable.


  • Gives you ample space to work on without fear of damaging workbench
  • Easy to read and use measuring grid
  • Self-healing so lasts very long
  • Creating shapes such as stars, triangles is easy due to its 30, 45, 60 bias lines


  • Has a chemical smell
  • Pretty weighty

If you’re interested in the cutting mat, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

3. Cricut StandardGrip Cutting 3 Pack (Best for Lightweight Materials)

If you’re new at leatherwork or crafting and spend a lot of time working with lightweight materials such as paper patterns or templates, cardstock, vinyl, and thin ounce leathers, then the Cricut StandardGrip Cutting is your best bet. It has the right level of grip that will help hold your materials in place while you cut.


  • Best grip on the cutting mat
  • Best for lightweight materials
  • Convenient and easy storage
  • Comes in a wide range of attractive colors
  • It can be used with Cricut maker and Cricut smart cutting machines


  • Not self-healing
  • Very Thin

If you’re interested in this cutting mat, check it out over here on Amazon!

4. X-ACTO Self-Healing Cutting Mat, Non-Stick Bottom, Gray (Best Utility Knife Cutting Mat)

This self-healing PVC surface is perfect if you use a lot of exacto or Utility knives. The surface on which you place your materials to cut is non-stick but the bottom is non-slip so keeps the cutting area stable. It also has a one-inch grid pattern that will give you guidance while you cut.


  • It’s thick and very durable
  • Self-healing
  • It is reliably smooth with a very steady cutting base


  • Its guidelines is only in inches
  • It’s not double-sided

If you’re interested in this cutting mat, check it out over here on Amazon for best prices and further product information.

5. OLFA Double-Sided, Self-Healing Rotary Mat (Best General Purpose Cutting Mat)

This OLFA rotary mat is the best mat that ensures your rotary blades is not damaged in a short while. It is a great tool with a solid surface for general cutting and crafting. You’ll see the gridlines include angles, diagonals markings that make complicated cuts much easier, quicker, and precise. This mat is perfect for rotary cutting, general crafting, scrapbooking and more.


  • Self-Healing Double-Sided
  • It is easy to take accurate measurements and cutting straight lines and precise angles
  • Comes in 8 different sizes to choose from
  • Very convenient to travel with and store as there are foldable mat design


  • Has an unpleasant chemical smell
  • It cannot stand extreme hot or cold as it will warp
  • Exclusively for rotary and circular cutters

If you’re interested in this cutting mat, check it out over here on Amazon for best prices and further product information.

6. US Art Supply PVC Cutting Mat (Best Arts & Crafts Projects Mat)

If you work on a lot of Scrapbooking, Quilting, Sewing, and Arts & Crafts Projects then this cutting mate is great for you. It has a very resilient self-healing surface and reversible with grid markings on each side.


  • It is self-healing
  • Has lines for cutting diagonals
  • Double side use


  • It’s slicker than most cutting mats

This cutting mat is a great option if you need something durable to protect your table if you do a lot of cutting. If you’re interested in this cutting mat, check it out over here on Amazon!.

7. Crafty World Deluxe Cutting Mats (Best Long Lasting Cutting Mat)

The crafty world deluxe last 10 times longer than any ordinary mats. This is great if you just need a cutting mat that will last long and take down loads of projects. It is built to be strong and very durable.


  • It’s versatile and flexible and has endless use
  • Results easy and accurate cutting
  • Its Self-healing
  • Has clear grid lines with ⅛ measurements, and angles
  • Comes in modern colors
  • Has a non-slip base


  • It’s 3mm thick and so it’s heavy

If you’re interested in this cutting mat, check it out here on Amazon!

8. ARTEZA Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat (Best Eco-Friendly Material That Won’t Warp)

Are you looking for affordable, high-quality cutting mats that is eco-friendly, then the ARTEZA self-healing Mat is your best bet. It is great for cutting materials for sewing, arts and crafts, school and professional work projects. It also makes a great gift for teachers, crafters, and quilters.


  • It is made using Eco-friendly materials
  • Tripple layered toughness
  • Reseals after cuts
  • Resists glare and easy to read surface markings
  • Has a wide range of matric angles of 75° 60° 45° 30° 15° great for accuracy


  • Has an unpleasant chemical smell
  • May require a bit of practice and experience to use the mat effectively

This is good for you if you’re especially keen on using an environmentally friendly product that is efficient and budget-friendly. If you’re interested in this cutting mat, check it out over here on Amazon!

9. Calibre Art Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat (Best Quilting and Odorless Mat)

This cutting mat by Calibre art is uniquely odorless and anti-warp with no chemical residue left on your fabric, leather, or paper. It is made with refined materials that can extreme weather conditions like direct sunlight and will return to its original flatness in case it’s not stored flat. It is the best cutting mat for both beginner and professional quilters.


  • It is self-healing as cut marks heal in just a few seconds
  • It is odorless and certified as safe void of toxic chemicals according to European standards
  • It is double-sided with imperial and metric guides printed on each side
  • Slightly stiff


  • Markings printed on the mat are pretty small and will require a lot of patience and experience to figure out.

If you’re particular about a cutting mat leaving smell in your room and also if you want a mat that can heal quickly and can stand almost every environment condition then this cutting mat is perfect for you. If you’re interested in the Calibre art cutting mat, check it out over here on Amazon!

10. Mary Paxton Leather Craft (Best Multi-purpose punching, Stamping, and Cutting Mat)

While you may be shopping for a cutting mat that will do all your cutting bid for you, you might also be interested in getting something that offers you a 3 for 1 deal. The Mary Paxton punching, cutting, and stamping mat is indeed a 3 for 1 deal at a very reasonable low price.


  • Resistance to wear and corrosion is 5 times higher than general rubber mats
  • It is oil, high temperature, and aging resistant
  • Great for cutting, stamping, and punching


  • Limited to DIY and small scale projects

This may be ideal for beginners in leatherwork who do not want to spend a lot of money from the onset of their newfound leatherwork passion. If you’re interested, you can check out this 3 for 1 punching, stamping, and cutting mat on Amazon!.

11. Nicapa StandardGrip Cutting Mat 3 pack (Best for Medium-Weight Materials and Budget Pick)

This cutting mat is suitable for students who have to carry tools to class or crafters or leatherworkers who like to take along tools when they travel. Why? Because it is made from thin materials and is flexible for easy use in tight or small spaces.


  • It is Flexible
  • Comes in 3 pack
  • It has grid patterns
  • It has standard grip
  • Perfect for a wide range of medium-weight materials such as cardstock, Vinyl, Printable Fabric, etc.
  • very cheap


  • It doesn’t do well in cold or very hot environments
  • Attracts specks of dirt too easily

This a very great easy to carry cutting mat and if you’re interested, check it out over here on Amazon!

12. DAFA Professional Self-Healing, Double-Sided Cutting Mat (Best for Heavy-Duty Cutting)

This cutting mat is perfect for professionals who work with thick ounces of leather. It is designed to have a super tough core layer to be able for it to withstand the toughest of cuts and give your workbench or table utmost protection.


  • For heavy-duty cutting
  • Double-sided use: It has easy to read metric gridlines and angles on one side and inches on the opposite side
  • Self-healing
  • It is very durable so you can use rotary cutters, straight knives, hole punches, needles, utility knives, and corner blade cutters on it without causing massive cuts to it


  • Requires you use a long ruler to cut measurements less than an inch
  • It has an odor which may eventually go away

This is the kind of cutting mat professionals would want to go for since they are well experienced to work with all sorts of cutting tools, heavy and light leathers, etc. If you’re interested, check out this cutting mat here on Amazon!

13. Enpoint Self Healing Cutting Mat, 3 Pcs (Best Grip Surface for Holding Heavy Materials)

You will love this cutting mat for the reason that it has a strong grip adhesive surface for heavy-duty materials such as leather, faux leather, thick cardstock, fabrics with stiffeners, etc. It is suitable especially for Silhouette cameo 3/2/1.


  • It is self-healing
  • It is design to protect both your cutting tools and work tables or bench
  • It doesn’t skid when cutting due to Tacky surface
  • Has easy-to-read grid markings for cutting accuracy


  • Small size
  • Attracts debris and dust

If you are a professional or beginner craftsman who works with heavy-duty materials or heavy-duty projects then the Enpoint self-healing cutting mat is a great alternative. If you’re interested, check it out here on Amazon!

14. REZY Self-Healing Round Rotating Rotary Turntable Cutting Mat (Best Rotating Cutting Mat)

REZY cutting mat unlike many cutting mats is circular in shape and offer extra flexibility when cutting and making layouts. It rotates a full 360-degree turn radius for easy and accurate cutting. It is obviously a great tool if you work a lot with circular designs and patterns.


  • Its surface reseals after cutting and can be used multiple times
  • Spins smoothly for accurate cuts
  • Has a non-slip base
  • Makes cutting and layouts quick and easy
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Odorless
  • Easy to store and travel with
  • Does not warp


  • Small size
  • Not double-sided
  • Doesn’t do well with direct sunlight and cannot be bent

If you’re interested in this cutting mat, do check it out over here on Amazon!

15. Kenley Quilting Cutting and Ironing Pressing Mat (Best Portable Foldaway Cutting Mat)

This cutting mat is ideal for quilters or any type of sewing. It is great for crafters who like to travel for retreats. It is a great stylish cutting mat that is foldable and can turn any type of surface into an ironing board.


  • Perfect size: not too big or small
  • Great for small space
  • Has a cutting surface and an exclusive ironing side
  • Foldable
  • Very fashionable outer fabric
  • Easy to carry, handle, and store


  • Comes in only 1 single size

If you’re interested in this cutting mat, you can check it out here on Amazon!

16. WA Portman Cutting Mat Set (Best Cutting Mat Set)

This cutting mat comes with a 5-ply PVC construction; it comes with a steel ruler, hobby knife and 10 replacement blades; a non-slip base. It is a great pick because you get the entire additional tools the sets you up for most of the cutting you will be doing.


  • Self-Healing
  • Comes as a set
  • Double-sided
  • Budget-friendly for a set of cutting tools
  • Ideal for hobbyists and professionals


  • No control over what cutting tools it comes with
  • The ruler is quite flimsy

If you’re interested in this cutting mat set, check it out over here on Amazon!

Guide to Buying, Using and Maintaining Cutting Mats

Usually, when starting out in leatherwork and most crafts projects, the coffee table, floor, and centerpieces in the home are surfaces we try to do cutting on but the best kind of surface is a specially designed cutting mat.

Features to Consider When Buying a Cutting Mat

When buying a cutting mat, there are important features to look out for to ensure you get the best value for your money and also achieve the best results from your cutting mat. Not all cutting mats are the same or perform the same function so to be on the safe side, I have put together some of the most important features to look out for to help your choice.

The Size of Cutting Mats

When choosing mats, size is truly important. You need to choose the biggest size cutting mats that fit your workspace, large enough for your project size and your storage space. Taking into account your workspace and the size of the project materials will help you avoid wasting money on the wrong mat.

You will also have to take into consideration how often you’d want to move or possibly travel with your cutting mats to probably a class or art and craft retreat and if so you may require a smaller size cutting mat for such purposes.

Generally, for leatherwork and most craft projects, you will need a standard cutting mat 24 x 36 inches considering your workspace should be great for all your small, medium, and large scale projects.

To be more precise, for projects you’d use more of the rotary cutter, you will need a full-size cutting table mat. For a great degree of accuracy and precision, quilters, leatherworkers, etc, will need larger cutting mats about 24 x 36 inches.

Surface Texture of The Cutting Mat

You will find that there are different surface textures on a cutting mat. The very smooth texture will result in items being cut to slip. For leather, it is fairly easy to cut on the smooth surface mat due to the roughness of the flesh side.

But for fabrics and most other materials, it will slip and that can be a real pain in the neck. The smooth textured surfaces become a problem for leather as well when it appears shiny and reflects light in a way that the glare will not allow you to get accurate readings on the mat.

When the surface is too textured, it affects the consistency of your cut and may affect the blade of your cutting tools. So in effect, the cutting mat should have a medium “tooth” or “surface quality” with a top layer made of an anti-glare material.

Self-Healing Qualities

Before we delve into this feature, let’s answer a quick question. What is self-healing cutting mat? A self healing mat is a type of mat the fixes itself automatically after a cut is made on its surface. The material used for self-healing mats is multi-layered with particles that separate and repiece together when the mat is cut.

The self-healing quality of cutting mats is a feature you will not like to disregard in the cutting mats your purchase. This will allow you to reuse your mat over and over again without having to purchase a new one from time to time. It really protects the cutting mat from blade damage and makes it last you a really long time.

Cutting Mat Measurements

Every cutting mat you’d want to but whether large or however small must have measurement markings on it. You would want to ensure that the measurements are on all four sides of the mat, diagonal lines with hash lines extended past the board of the mat also on all four sides. The hash lines together with the measurements help you have very good alignment.

Pro Tip: Use a wooden, plastic, or metal ruler as an extra guide to getting the most accurate measurements because the measuring lines on most cutting mats are likely to be either too thick or get distorted over time.

Cutting Mat with Double-Side Grid

Cutting mats with a double-side Grid or grid on each side of the cutting surface is the best and last longer than cutting mats with only one cutting surface.

With a double-side grid, you will be able to rotate your cuts to other sides of the cutting mat so that you don’t overwork one side of the cutting mat and also give your cutting mat ample time to heal.

The thickness of The Cutting Mat

Another important feature you need to look at when purchasing your cutting mats is the thickness of the cutting mat. As a general rule of thumb, the thicker the cutting mat, the better. Thick cutting mats are durable, long-lasting, and remain firm.

Care and Maintenance of Cutting Mats

A cutting mat will be one of the most hardworking tools you will ever own. It takes a lot of abuse from cutting knives, material, other tools sitting on them, dyes, sketches, and so much more.

The caring and maintaining of cutting mats is pretty simple and straight forward. Generally, it entails allowing the reseal or self-healing mats to have enough time to heal or reseal. But, there are a few more practices that go a long way to help keep your cutting mat looking new while giving you excellent results.

Cleaning Your Cutting Mat

It is important you clean your cutting mats regularly to prolong the life of it. All the things we will need to clean our cutting mats are common and you may already have them already in your home. Some of the basic things you need to clean your cutting mats include:

  • Mild Soap or a gentle cleaner
  • Room temperature water
  • Cloth
  • Scrubby brush
  • Eraser

You can use a mild soap or detergent, ordinary water, and rag to wipe it down. You use mild soaps so that you don’t damage or remove the printed measurement markings. The cleaning steps are as follows:

Step 1: Erasing Fibers off the Cutting Mat

If you happen to a lot of cutting, you will begin to see that some fibers begin to gather in little cracks of the mat. Use an ordinary gum eraser you’d buy from any office supply store to rub them off. The eraser will be able to pull out all the tiny fibers stuck in there. After erasing, you can brush off all the fibers. This is the first step to cleaning your cutting mats.

Apart from the gum eraser, you can also use a lint roller or a napped lint brush to clean fiber crumbs off the surface of a cutting mat.

Step 2: Wetting the Cutting Mat

The next step after erasing the fibers is to wet the cutting mat with a damp cloth or by spraying ordinary room temperature water on it.

If your cutting mats are small, you can take them to your sink wash and rinse with running water but mostly because cutting mats are quite large you can just do the surface cleaning and that’s just perfect.

Step 3: Add Drops of Cleaning Detergent

Depending on how large or small your cutting mat is, put 2 – 3 drops of cleaning detergent or soap on the cutting mat.

Step 4: Scrub

Now with a scrubby brush, scrub gently not too hard so you avoid removing the beautiful measurement markings on the cutting mat. Make sure to scrub in between the tiny cuts on the cutting mat.

Step 5: Wipe of The Soap

After, you have gently scrubbed every nuke and cranny of the cutting mat, use a damp cloth to wipe off the soapy lather. Rinse the cloth and wipe till all soapy substances are completely off.

Step 6: Dry The Cutting Mat

Now, allow the cutting mat to air dry on its own as leaving it dry on its own allow the water to moisturize it quite a bit. However, if you will need to use it right away, you can use a dry cloth to dry it off.

If your cutting mat is reversible, flip it over on the backside and repeat the cleaning process.

Storing Cutting Mats

As pointed out earlier, cutting mats, generally, need to be stored or stacked flat on the floor, on or under a table, under your bed or anywhere that allows you to lay it flat and not rolled or bent or propped up against a wall. With most cutting mats being made from plastic materials, they tend to be sensitive and will warp, droop, or crack and will be extremely hard to repair.

Cutting mats should be kept away from direct sunlight heat, the artic, basement (especially poorly ventilated once), a hot car or cold rooms. This is because heat causes the cutting mat to warp and cold makes them brittle.

Finally, don’t iron on unprescribed cutting mats not meant specifically designed for both cutting and ironing.

My Conclusion and Pick!

I hope this article helped you to find the best cutting mat that suits your needs. If you will have to pick just one cutting mat that is long-lasting, self-healing, double-sided cutting mat with a non-slip base, I will highly recommend the OLFA 24″ x 36″ Double-Sided, Self-Healing Rotary Mat because it is the Best General Purpose Cutting Mat.

On the contrary, if you want a cutting mat that is simply long-lasting durable and you don’t mind a bit of weight then the Crafty World Deluxe Cutting Mat is definitely the one to consider!

Also, if you’re particular about finding a cutting mat that is made using eco friendly materials, then the ARTEZA Self-Healing Rotary Cutting Mat is your perfect pick!

In addition, if you work with heavy-duty materials such as leather, you certainly want to go for the Dafa Professional cutting Mat!

Finally, if you’d like a cutting mat that on top of its high quality is very portable and you can iron on it, then your choice should be the Quilting Cutting and Pressing Mat!

Related Questions

What is Cutting Mat?

What are Cutting mats? A cutting mat is a surface on which you’ll do all of your cutting so that you don’t destroy your tables or workbench. They are specially made with special features such as self-healing and reseal to give you fantastic cutting experience.

Generally, when you work on any kind of project that requires you use cutting knives such as utility knife, rotary cutter, or any other cutting tools, then you need to have a cutting mat to prevent the blade of the cutter from quickly becoming blunt or destroying the surface of your table.

What are the types of Cutting Mat?

Cutting mats are broadly categorized either as either Hard-Surface or Soft-Surface (self-healing). Hard-surface is self-sealing mats which is rigid so the blade runs over it and doesn’t really cut into the mat itself. The Self-healing type of mats is thin and more flexible with a layer of colored vinyl on the side you cut.

Due to how flexible they are the cutters cut through them but are able to reclose or self-heal.

The self-healing and self-sealing cutting mats are both ideal for leatherwork, quilting, sign making, printing, and many other types of crafts and DIY project.

You’d find that the self-healing cutting mats are generally about 2mm or 3 mm thick. The 2mm cutting mats core is very thin you cannot even use straight knives because it will cut through it easily. The 2mm mats are more not professional-grade cutting mat but only hobby or enthusiast-grade.

What cutting tools can be used on cutting mats?

Your standard cutting mat should be able to take on at least a rotary cutter and a straight knife. While most 2mm cutting mats do not go too well with straight knives, it is important to know what kind of projects you will be taking on so that you know which cutting tools you’d use and what thickness of cutting mats to get.

An important thing to note is, to prevent your cutting tools from performing badly on your cutting mats by leaving self-healing mats with cut marks, always ensure your knife is sharp. You can do this by changing the cutting blade often.

How Long does Cutting Mats Last?

Apart from stone or hard metal, the ordinary cutting mats you’d buy for most crafts will eventually wear out. But to know how long it will take to completely wear out depends on the kind of blade you use, how sharp you maintain your blades, the material you often cut, the amount of pressure you exert, and how frequent you cut.

Pro Tips:

  • Sharpen or change blades regularly
  • Don’t apply too much unnecessary pressure when you cut. All you need is a sharp blade
  • Do not unnecessarily cut too many layers of materials at once
  • Do not cut on the same area of the mat
  • Store your cutting mats properly: usually flat


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