4 Best Leather Strap Cutting Machines: A Guide with Pricing!

In your leather shop when you need to do medium to large production run on leather straps for belts, bags, or what have you, you need a leather strap cutting machine. But, what are the best leather strap cutting machines?

The best leather strap cutting machines are:

  • NG NOPTEG Leather Slitter – (Best Multipurpose Electric Strap Cutting Machine)
  • LQKYWNA Aluminum Alloy Machine – (Best Budget Pick)
  • BANYOUR Leather Machine – (Best Small Width Size & Lightweight Machine)
  • AMPSEVEN Machine – (Best Quality Professional Strap Cutting Machine)

In order to find out which leather strap cutting machines are best for you, if you’re looking for the perfect strappping machine for your shop, keep reading!

What is a Leather Strap Cutting Machine?

A leather strap cutting machine can be a simple non-electronic device you can mount on your workbench or a mini or industrial size electricity-powered machine that can be used to cut a lot of strips and straps faster and more accurately.

The industrial size leather strap cutting machines may take quite sometime to set up due to its numerous components. So whatever your purpose for it is should be medium to large scale.

You wouldn’t want to go through all that trouble of setting up and electronic strap cutting machine only to cut a hand full of straps.

There are medium sized leather strap cutting machines that are great for domestic use and can cut a substantial quantity of straps as well. These may be electronically powered or manual.

What I find is the growing popularity and shift from the electricity powered strap cutting machines to that of the simple manual strapping machines because the majority of leather workers are more of crafters and not extremely larger scale producers.

Most of the time, the handheld strapping tools like the strap cutters, draw gauges, and the plough gauges are just about what most crafters need. So the leather strapping machines you will find common are the ones that are not too far from the ones that are handheld in terms of size and ease of use.

So in this post you’re going to be seeing a lot of the very simple but highly efficient leather strapping machines that’s dedicated for crafters and small to medium scale leather work producers.

Buying Guide For The Leather Strap Cutting Machine

Before you see the machines I’m going to be reviewing in this article there are a couple of factors to mention for you to look out for so that you will be able to make the best choice for your strapping and budget needs.

While these factors may just be what might put all the machines under review in perspective for easy comparison, feel free if there are additional factors that jump to you and help to inform your decision.

1. Electrical or Manual

How would you want your leather strap cutting machine to be powered? Are you drawn towards something which is electrically powered or you don’t mind the machine being manual?

Before you choose which way to go, you need to evaluate the kind of demand you have or expect to have on the products you’d produce and how much you’re willing to invest in a leather strap cutting machine.

If you particularly opt for an electricity powered leather strap cutting machine, you will have to figure out if you will need to bump up the power in your shop or home.

And with the manual leather strap cutting machines, you will also have to phantom whether you would want to have the machine permanently bolted to your workbench or clamped or a combination of the two when you have to.

2. Dimensions, Size, & Weight Of the Machine

The overall size, dimensions, and weight are important to look at because you will have to consider the size of the machine as against the space you have available. Also, if you move a lot or you’re transitioning from one temporal place to another, you might want to consider the size and weight for transportation purposes.

3. Maximum Cutting Width

If you will be cutting a lot of straps or belts over 3.5 inches then you might want to consider getting a handheld strapping tools like the plough gauge, wood strap cutter, the draw gauge, or other alternatives.

On average, the maximum cutting width on a leather strap cutting machine will be around 2-3inches. So don’t expect to generally conquer a lot of large widths sizes on strap cutting machines.

4. Leather Thickness

The thickness or weight of leather you will be strapping will be another thing for you to consider. Generally, the electric leather strap cutting machines will do well with a variety of thickness be it thin soft leathers and heavier leather.

On the other hand, the manual leather strap cutting machine will do great with very thick leathers but not so well especially with soft light leathers. You can, however, try if you’ve got a bit of skill you will be able to work it on soft thin leather.

5. Your Budget

How much does it cost is probably one if the most important and foremost factors to consider. Now here’s what I think on budgeting for the tools you buy for your leather craft!

Have it all figured out, you demand, the purpose the tool will serve, how much value the tool will bring to your craft, efficiency, and the extent to which the tool will impact your overall finishing.

Being able to figure all of this out will help you with the kind of value you will put in the tool and maybe, just maybe, price wouldn’t really be a big obstacle and you will be willing to focus on buying value.

You will find that the manual leather strap cutting machines aren’t quite as expensive as the electronic ones. So whatever you’re budget is, you’re sure to take home something that will suit your strapping needs and budget!

Now, in no particular order, here are the best leather strap cutting machines!

4. NG NOPTEG Leather Slitter – (Best Multipurpose Electric Strap Cutting Machine)

My very first pick is the NG NOPTEG leather slitter, shoe, bag, belt leather, strap cutter machine. This is by far everything you would want in what I will call a mini, multipurpose, industrial machine that you can use for your leather work shop or home or wherever work is for you.

How It’s Powered:

The source of power for the machine is amongst the very first things you might want to look at. The NG NOPTEG leather slitter is an electricity powered machine with a voltage of 110V/60Hz and 40W (Watts).

The voltage on this machine is ideal for homes and shops around Europe and the States and will not require you to necessarily bump up the power supply to your shop or home to use this machine.

The NG NOPTEG leather slitter can run up to a speed of 1400r/min and comes with a really cool speed adjustment feature which allows you to adjust the cutting speed individually.


The NG NOPTEG leather slitter is on a bit on the high-end. It comes at a price above the $400 mark! But with the range of functionality the NG NOPTEG leather slitter offers, you’re going to have real value for money as it’s a “one stop machine” for a lot of the cutting work you will be doing.

Best For:

As mentioned earlier, the NG NOPTEG leather slitter is a highly multifunctional machine and not only is it suitable for cutting straps and strip from leather but also it’s great for cutting out shoes, bags, thin plastics, pvc, artworks, paper, etc.

If you want a Multipurpose strip, strap, & slitting machine that uses steel bearings and doesn’t require the need for even the most basic maintenance work like oiling but its rotating shaft will not be worn out, then this machine is a great fit for you!

Key Features:

  • Voltage: 110V/60Hz
  • Power: 40W
  • Speed: 1400r/min 1:12.5/1:9
  • Maximum Cutting width: 0-3.2inches
  • Shortest strip width: 0.07inches
  • Product Weight: 19kg
  • Package size: 17.7inches x 9.8inches x 13.7inches


  • It’s multipurpose and can be used to cut straps, strips, shoe, bag, belt, and doubles as a slitting leather machine.
  • It doesn’t use copper sleeve bearings like most others and so less likely to wear out.
  • Uses steel bearing so no oiling required.
  • Its rotating shaft doesn’t wear so it’s great tool that will go the long haul.
  • It’s cutting speed can be adjusted individually.


  • It’s a bit on the high price end if you’re particularly on budget.
  • It doesn’t have any manual alternative to switch to incase of power problems.
  • Small cutting width.

If you’re interested in this leather strap cutting machine from NG NOPTEG, you can check it out over here on Amazon for more information including current prices and shipping.

3. LQKYWNA Aluminum Alloy Machine – (Best Budget Pick)

The next strap, strip, and belt cutting machine is the high-quality 7075 aviation grade aluminum alloy machine built for durability, while maintaining a lot of its light-weight.

How It’s Powered:

This strap cutting machine is as shown from the picture is a manually operated machine and doesn’t require any form or source of power. It’s completely manual and entails feeding the leather to be strapped through to the device and pulling lightly to cut. With a sharp blade mounted on, this machine will cut like butter.


This tool is currently priced slightly above the $50 mark. For this price, what you will be getting is 1 strap cutting machine, 2 C-clamps which you would use to secure the cutting machine unit to your work bench. You would also get 8 wrenches and 2 boxes of extra blades. These are all to equip you so that you can properly set up the machine and use it.

Best For:

This machine is particularly best for cutting leather strips, belt, and straps. This machine is best applied to thick and hard leather like that of saddle leather and plant leather. It’s not suitable for soft thin leather.

If you’re on budget and want a strap cutting machine that you wouldn’t have to deal with any form of electrical stuff and is particularly good for strapping thick & hard leather, then this particular leather strap cutting machine is the best alternative.

Key Features:

  • Maximum Cutting width: 0-3.54inches
  • Product Weight: 1.76kg
  • Package size: 7.72 inches x 5.24 inches x 3.54 inches


  • Cheap but quality.
  • It can be clamped or bolted to your workbench.
  • Great for strapping thick and hard leather goods.
  • Comes with a complete auxiliary set of accessories.
  • Prompt customer service response.
  • It’s manual.
  • Fairly light-weight.
  • There are discount Coupons available with this product presently.
  • Very easy to set up and adjust for use.


  • Relatively small cutting width than most handheld strapping tools.
  • Not suitable for soft thin leathers.

If you’re interested in this leather strap cutting machine, you can check it out over here on Amazon for pricing and promos.

2. BANYOUR Leather Machine – (Best Small Width Size & Lightweight Machine)

The next leather strap cutting machine is this one from BANYOUR Leather. This is respectively a small width leather cutting machine. If you make small 2-3 inches straps or belts then this will be a perfect fit!

How it’s Powered

The BANYOUR leather strap cutting machine is very similar to the LQKYWNA Aluminum Alloy Machine and it’s also manually powered.

You basically mount a really sharp blade on there and then set your preferred strap or belt width, and finally, all you do is to manually feed the leather through the machine and it’s going to cutter like smoothly.


This leather strap cutting machine is priced a little over $65, but, I will say that with the kind of maximum strap cutting width and range of auxiliary tools it comes with, the LQKYWNA Aluminum Alloy leather strap cutting machine is a lot cheaper given that there isn’t really a huge difference in quality as well.

The slight difference in price when compared to the LQKYWNA Aluminum Alloy Machine can be attributed to the high popularity of the BANYOUR leather brand!

Best For:

This strap cutting machine is best suited for processing thick and hard leather such as vegetable tanned leather and saddle leather and like the LQKYWNA Aluminum Alloy Machine, this is not suit for soft thin types of leather.

One important thing to note is that it doesn’t come with the cutting knives or blades displayed, so you will have to get them separately. I will recommend you get or use an art knife, which is 18MM(0.71 inch) wide and 0.5MM(0.02 inch) thick. These types of blades are very easy to find and since they’re art knives you might probably have one around your work station.

This machine is made of 7075 aluminum alloy and has a really small width cutting ability which is particularly perfect for smaller straps and belts projects. It’s nicely designed, and doesn’t come with a lot of cost.

Key Features

  • Package Size: 3.9 x 0.25 x 0.25 inches
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Maximum cutting width: 0-2.3 inches


  • It’s a very Lightweight machine.
  • You can either clamp or bolt it to your workbench.
  • It’s a relatively not an expensive machine.
  • Comes with detailed guide making it easy to set up.
  • Great for strapping thick and hard leather goods.
  • Comes with a clamp and wrench.
  • Comes with a discounted coupon as of presently!


  • This machine doesn’t come with the leather cutter knives as shown in the picture above.
  • Not suitable for soft thin leathers.
  • Relatively small cutting width.

If you’re interested in this leather strap cutting machine, you can check it out over here on Amazon for pricing and more information like promos.

1. AMPSEVEN Machine – (Best Quality Professional Strap Cutting Machine)

The AMPSEVEN strap cutting machine is one of the best aluminum alloy leather strip, strap, and belt cutting tools. It’s going to be that little tool on the edge of your workbench or table that makes all the difference in the accuracy and quality of edge cuts on your straps and belts.

How it’s Powered:

You guessed right, it’s also a manual tool that doesn’t particularly require a lot of effort to strap with. Simply throw on a new or sharp blade and you will be amazed by the smooth buttery cuts you’re going to have when you’re strapping.


It’s a little over $70 and when compared with the two already discussed in this post, it a bit more expensive but it’s absolutely worth what you’re paying for it. It’s of superior quality, and I will choose the AMPSEVEN Machine any day.

Best For:

The AMPSEVEN strap cutting machine comes with 2 mounting holes you can bolt through to your work table. This AMPSEVEN cutting machine is suitable for strapping very thick and hard leathers such as saddle leather, vegetable tanned leather, etc, and will, with a bit of skill be able to work on soft thin leather as well.

This is a super high-quality machine built for professional leather workers and offers the best of the best accuracy in terms of leather strap edges.

Key Features:

  • Maximum Cutting width: 0-2.3inches
  • Product Weight: 1.07kg
  • Package size: 7.9 inches x 6.3 inches x 2.8 inches


  • Very simple and easy to set up.
  • Easy to use.
  • Has a really solid and high-quality build.
  • Beautiful construction.
  • Comes with several blades.
  • Quick delivery.
  • You can use just about any cutting blade you have around the shop or home.


  • No instructional guide provided and would be a problem especially for novices or people who aren’t very handy.

If you’re interested in the AMPSEVEN cutting machine, you can check it out over here on Amazon for current pricing since they’re always changing.


After going over the top 4 best leather strap cutting machines, you should be well versed with the main characteristic features and factors to consider before buying.

Whether you prefer a simple manual leather strap cutter of low, medium, or a high price range, or you want an electricity powered multipurpose leather strap cutting machine that is multipurpose, then there’s certainly something on this list for you to consider!


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