5 Best Leather Burning Tools: A Complete Guide With Pricing

Choosing a leather burning tool is a personal decision but that can be a bit overwhelming because of the many types of brands available with each claiming to be the best. So in this article, I did a thorough research on the best leather burning tools, of which I’m going to discuss their advantages and disadvantages to help you make informed decision.

The best leather burning tools in no particular order are:

  • Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool – (Best Budget Pick)
  • Truart Pyrography Pen – (Budget Upgrade & Best Heat Retention)
  • SthAbt Burning Tool – (Best Leather Burning Tool Kit)
  • GreenLeaf Burning Tool – (Best Professional Digital Leather Burning Tool)
  • Razertip Dual Burner – (Best High-Quality Professional Fast Heating Burning Tool)

It’s best investing in the best tools you can afford

Just like in most projects, the kind of tools you use will always impact the results and quality of the overall work. So for the remaining part of this article I’m going to help you discover the type of leather burning tools that will suit your needs and budget!

What’s a Leather Burning Tool?

A leather burning tool simply put is a tool that produces heat used to burn designs on leather. Leather burning tools is usually handheld and is usually electricity powered.

It comes in different brands and designs and it can get really overwhelming when you search for them on the internet.

Buying Guide For Leather Burning Tools

This is quick buying Guide that will really help you know what to look out for in leather burning tools or leather pyrography tools. A lot of the leather burning tools will come with peculiar features and while most of those feature are simply great additions, here are the important features to consider.

1. Heating

There are 3 main things that you will have to consider when it comes to how the leather burning tool heats up. These are how fast it heats up and the one temperature vs the variable temperature.

How Fast it Heats:

When doing your leather burning, it’s important to consider how fast the leather burning tool heats up. You wouldn’t want to be sitting around waiting for your tool to heat up especially while in the middle of your pyrography work.

So what you will want is to get a leather burning tool that heats up relatively quickly or a leather burning tool with at least 2 pyrography pens you can switch between. This will really help you out with the consistency of burns and how fast you will be able to complete tasks.

One Temperature vs Variable Temperature

One Temperature:

This type of leather burning tool comes with a pre-set, high-heating temperature. It will often come with brass interchangeable tips. This type of leather burning tools have the heating just like the regular soldering iron.

The one temperature leather burning tools will certainly get the job done and it’s usually a cheap alternative for most beginners.

Variable Temperature: 

While the one temperature type leather burning tools will get you through what you will need to do, you will want a leather burning tool you can use to work much finer details.

To be able to achieve fine details depends on how much control you will have over the burning tool and what the variable leather burning tool will offer you will be to be able to control and regulate the heat you’re burning with.

2. The Leather Burning Tool’s Tips

First of all, while most of the basic leather burning tools will come with at least a single tip, it’s better to get intermediate and professional leather burning pens that has interchangeable tips that can take at least tips for fine lines and tips for much thicker or heavier types of lines.

Common Tips For Leather Burning Tools

I have seem hundreds of different types of tips, but when it comes down to it, the ideal tips you would want to get and master are at least 1 of or all of these 3 common varieties of leather burning tool tips that will help get the job done. These tips includes;

1. The Calligraphy Tip: Although the name implies it’s application with calligraphy and lettering, this tip is one of the most versatile tips to look out for. With this tip, you should be able to utilize it in 3 basic ways. It can, however, go as far as your skill and mastery will take it.

When held at an angle of 45 degrees, you would be able to use this tip as a calligraphy tip. You can use the edges or corners of the calligraphy tip and you will have one of the best writing instruments. And finally, when held horizontally, you should be able to use the calligraphy tip as a shading tip.

The Calligraphy tip is a truly awesome and an indispensable tip that you should have.

2. The Writing Tip: The writing tip, commonly known as a the C-Tip is basically going to be your writing tip. With a writing tip, you will be able to glide the surface of your leather like a ballpoint pen. It can also be used to work fine details in a work.

There’s also micro writing tips you could use to even achieve extremely fine writing, shading, signing names, and branding.

3. The Shading Tip: The Shading tips are also known as the “S” tips. As the name suggests, it’s for shading which basically means, to add darker tones or details into a design. You will particularly need a shading tip to render larger areas with dark textures or shading effects.

4. The Tight Round Tips: This is the most versatile tip that you can use for virtually anything. You can use this type of tip for all kinds of details, perfect for curved lines, shading strokes.

Best Leather Burning Tools – Reviews

In no particular order, here are the best leather burning tools you can get today!

5. Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool – (Best Budget Pick)

Our touch down point is this burning tool from Walnut. The Walnut hollow creative Versa tool is the most versatile leather burning tool on the market today. It’s versatile in terms of the various ways it can be used and the flexibility with its adjustment.


The Price for the Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool is simply at a medium price point. The average price of the Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool in your regular brick and mortar will be somewhere between $23-$25. You can, however, check out its latest price over here on Amazon!


With the Walnut Hollow Creative Versa-Tool, you will be able to make temperature adjustments from 0-950 degrees F to find the perfect amount of heat suitable for your material and technique.

What this Tool Comes with:

This leather burning tool comes with a beautiful storage case, a burning tool stand, 1 burning tool or pen that has the most comfortable grip, and 11 interchangeable tips (universal, stamping, mini flow, cone, mini universal, hot knife, tapered, flow, calligraphy, shading, and soldering tips).

Best For:

This is a great tool if you’re looking to successfully take on pyrography techniques on leather such as burning patterns, hot stamping, hot knife cutting, stencil cutting, etc and will miscellaneously find it useful for soldering, paper crafting, leather, fabric embossing, etc.

  • Product Weight: 12 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 1.73 x 5.32 x 9.75 inches
  • Material: Leather
  • Temperature: 950°F


  • Great for beginner
  • Easy to use.
  • Comes with an easy to use color coded dial.
  • It’s very versatile.
  • This tool is not eligible for international shipping.
  • Awesome temperature control.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Comes with a complete user manual.
  • Comes with a 6 month warranty against manufacturer defects


  • Heat controls sometimes gets in the way.
  • This tool is not a fast burning tool.

If you’re interested in this leather burning tool from Walnut, you can check it out over here on Amazon for current pricing, availability, and shipping details.

4. Truart Pyrography Pen – (Budget Upgrade & Best Heat Retention)

The Truart Pyrography Pen is a wood and leather pyrography pen and as the name implies it indeed has the usability and comfortability of pen with its relative lightweight with an assurance of no form of hand fatigue with its usage.


Taking the overall average price, for a simple burning tool like this, you can expect to pay between $40-$45. While the price of the Truart Pyrography Pen seem a bit high especially when compared to the Walnut, it offers some amazing qualities for its price. You can check out its current price over here on Amazon!


This tool comes with a dual power mode of 15Watts and 30Watts and can heat up to 850 degrees F. Since this post is in specific reference to leather, the 15Watts is what’s applicable for leather pyrography and if you care to know, the 30W is for wood.

This tool heats quickly and has excellent heat retention that’s great for consistent burns.

What this Tool Comes with:

The Truart Pyrography Pen comes with 21 different varieties of attachment tips which includes a razor blade, soldering tip, calligraphy tip, groove tip, dot tip, pattern transfer tip, stripes tip, branding tip, knife tip, and a carry on case to keep all the bits and pieces organized.

It also comes with a metal pyrography alphabet stencil and finally a solid metal stand that will help rest the tool when not in use.

Best For:

This tool kit is specially great for wood and leather. Because it comes with different tips, it makes room for different techniques.

The Truart Pyrography Pen has 2 heating modes and heats up quickly, enabling you to get down to work much faster.

  • Product Weight: 15.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 9.7 x 5.2 x 1.7 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel and Rubber


  • Easy to use with its extremely heat-resistant rubber handle and simple setting.
  • Great beginner tool.
  • Comes with a sturdy metal stand.
  • Its custom made specific adjustments for leather and wood. 
  • Versatile.
  • Easy to regulate its temperature.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Comes with a replacement pen guarantee.
  • Very durable.
  • Comes with a complete user manual.


  • It may feel particularly small for people with big hands.

If you’re interested in this wood and leather burning tool, you can check it out over here on Amazon for any additional information you might require.

3. SthAbt Burning Tool – (Best Leather Burning Tool Kit)

This is the best kit if you’re looking at finding a leather burning kit that’s heavy on patterns, a variety of beautiful forms of alphabet fonts and leather stamping art with carving embossing tips then the SthAbt 55pcs Burning Kit Set is what you should be looking at.


With what’s included in a kit like this, you can generally expect to pay anything between $39 and $42. You should, however, check out its current price here on Amazon here!


This burning tool is fantastic and takes about 3 minutes to heat up. It comes with a 30W pyrography pen meaning it can get really hot, 0-842 degrees F and comes with an adjustable temperature setting.

What this Tool Comes with:

There’s an endless set of tools this kit comes with but the major ones you will be keen to know about are of course a 30W pyrography pen, different varieties of tips and stencils you could use for your leather work, a beautiful carry on bag that will help keep everything organized, soldering tips, key rings, carbon tracing papers, and blades.

Best For:

With this burning tool kit, you should be able to create some fantastic carving activities for your leather work and anything text and pattern related designs very well.

It’s also an awesome tool for you if you like to do a lot of stencil cutting, soldering jobs, or working with styrofoams, etc.

  • Power Supply: 110V, 30W 
  • Temperature: 200°C-450°C (392°F-842°F) 
  • Product Weight: 19.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 4.6 x 2.5 inches
  • Material: Copper and Iron


  • Great all-in-one beginners kit
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to Make adjustments
  • Great for working with different textures of leather
  • It’s also great for wood
  • Comes in a beautiful leather case
  • Good basic set up with all you will need to be fully set for pyrography.
  • Comes with a guide


  • A little information on the differences in temperatures would’ve been great.

If you’re interested in this leather burning tool, you can check it out over here on Amazon for any additional information you may need.

2. GreenLeaf Burning Tool – (Best Professional Digital Leather Burning Tool)

Near the top of my list is this burning tool from the GreenLeaf. The GreenLeaf Burning Tool has a digital adjustable temperature control and comes with a high and low voltage dual pen professional burner, built to give you consistent heat control.


This tool is what many may consider a high-end tool and will generally come at a cost between $140-$145. But the quality of work you’re going to be making is going to be absolutely fantastic and thrilling. You can check out its current price over here on Amazon.


The GreenLeaf Burning Tool is the standard 110V and a solid 60W meaning this machine can get extremely hot.

What this Tool Comes with:

This high performance tool comes with 20 interchangeable wire tips you can use for various kinds of burning designs and to achieve different levels of details.

There are also 2 Burning pens to work with both at the same time. This allows you to work uninterrupted and having to consistently change your working tips.

The GreenLeaf Burning Tool will also offer 2 durable burning pen stands or support, a screw driver, sickle, sponge, and sandpaper, and an English user manual.

Best For:

The GreenLeaf Burning Tool is a professional tool but will be easy on intermediate and beginner level “pyrographers” to accomplish any level of detail or design.

If you’re ready to take your pyrography to the next level, then this tool will help you accomplish fine and precision works tough to achieve with low powered burning tools.

  • Power Supply: 110V, 60W 
  • Product Weight: 62.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.3 x 5.4 inches
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy, insulation plug


  • Although a professional tool, it’s very easy to use.
  • Digital so it’s easy to read.
  • Comes with 2 Burning pens.
  • Gets red hot really fast
  • Comes with a Thermostat that helps to fine tune the temperature adjustments.
  • Super durable and sturdy.


  • High-end tool for people on budget.

If you’re interested in the GreenLeaf Burning Tool, you can check it out over here on Amazon for pricing and shipping information.

1. Razertip Dual Burner – (Best High-Quality Professional Fast Heating Burning Tool)

On the top of my list is the Razertip which is a company known to make exceptional burning tools. They have over 14 years of experience making burning tools in both Canada and now the United States with over 250 Burning pens for all forms of pyrography.

In this article I featured their dual burner with the skewed pen which is particularly awesome for some fine work details.


The price of the Razertip is around $300 and is certainly on the high end. This draws on the brand Razertip and their quality standard for durability and long term use it’s known for. And yes! You’re going to have so much value for your money on this one. You can check out its current price over here on Amazon!


The Razertip has 10 amp output that makes it provide one of the fastest tip-heat recovery in the industry. Also, it has an ultra-stable control circuitry that helps make consistent burns even when turned on-and-off-and-on again.

What this Tool Comes with:

The tool comes contains some of the most useful accessories that is the large comfortable to use skew pen, tips, and 1 heavy duty cord.

You can actually get additional items if you get it here on the razertip website but you’re going to pay premium price for it. The package over at the razertip website may include:

1 SS-D10 burner (power supply).
1 #CORD1FL Standard Cord.
1 #CORD1HD Heavy Duty Cord.
1 #CLEANER Tip Cleaner.
1 #F14M Medium Knife Standard Pen.
1 #F2S Small Round Standard Pen.
1 #F99.015 1/16″ Ball Standard Pen.
1 #HD30M Heavy Duty Medium Shader Pen.

Best For:

Razertip burners are made to stand up to serious professional use and a variety of techniques for carving, wood turning, pyrography, and gourd artists.

This is made using laser-welding technology, comes with reversible hand piece cords that allows for extra-flex and heavy-duty cords.

  • Wattage: 1200 watts
  • Product Weight: 40 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 8.7 x 6.5 x 4.09 inches


  • Has super-flexible adapter cords that makes it easy to use with both standard and heavy-duty brands of burning pens.
  • Comes with a Thermostat that helps to fine tune the temperature adjustments.
  • Super fast heating tips.
  • Cools down within a matter of seconds.
  • Dual handpiece capability allows you to have 2 pens plugged in at the same time.
  • You can easily switch between pens by the flip of a simple switch.
  • Has settings that allows you to make fantastic low end burns.
  • Pens are specially design to offer you supreme control that allows you 100 times more control.
  • Has an indexed handpiece indicator lights that can help confirm you’re using the proper pen and cord operation.


  • The device as a whole and it’s replacement tips are a bit pricy but will be absolutely worth every penny.

If you’re interested in the Razertip Burning Tool, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

How to Use A Leather Burning Tool

Although there are a wide variety of brands and designs of burning tools, there are some seemingly general processes to follow in its use. Here are a couple of steps you will follow to use your leather burning tools no matter the brand or price in the most effective way.

Step 1: Draw an outline with the help of a carbon paper on the leather surface if you can’t burn your designs directly on the leather surface.

Step 2: Choose a suitable tip for your burns and have it fixed on your device.

Step 3: Now connect your burning device to a power outlet, generally, 110 volts and wait for it to heat up. Generally, a burning tool will take 2-5minutes to heat up.

For the professional burning tools that uses a thermostat, you can at this point dial up to the required temperature.

Step 5: After the burning tool is heated to the required temperature, you can now start burning your drawings, designs, or writings or whatever on the leather surface.

Step 6: Unplug the device and leave it to cool down. Replace all parts into its cases or holders to prevent loosing them.

General Tips For Using Leather Burning Tools

1. One important tip about pyrography or leather burning tools is you need to find a few tips, 1 or 2 tips and maximize its usage. You would want to master how to shade with it, write with it, render details, darker tones, etc, more importantly, practice being able to apply various techniques with these tips.

2. Always keep your burning tool’s tips very clean. You can rub the tips of your burning tool on the fine mesh of an (old) tea strainer. This will help remove any carbon buildup on the tips. This can be done when the tips are either hot or cold.

You can also remove small accumulated debris on the tips of the burning tool on time with a sponge or a fine grit sand paper.

3. Always use your leather burning tools in a well ventilated place.  

4. Always work from a black and white image, it helps to easily identify the dark shades, lighter areas and highlights a lot easier.

5. If possible, always use a work glove when changing your leather burning tool’s tips.

6. Always rest your leather burning tool(s) on it’s stand or support.

7. Keep the hot tips of the burning tools away from flammable materials to avoid fire. 

Related Questions

Can real leather burn?

Yes, while real leather is not flammable, it can however, burn. You can use a soldering iron, wood/leather burning tool, or a hot metal to create burnt marks on leather. The resulting burnt marks will be dark brown or black. Burning marks of impressions on leather is known as pyrography or scorching.

Is Burning Leather toxic?

Yes, burning PVC and Non-vegetable tanned leather is carcinogenic to burn or toxic because they contain chemicals like harmful chemical dyes and metals. So non-vegetable tanned leather shouldn’t be scorched or disposed by burning because when burnt, small particles of toxins will be released which could be dangerous to human health.

Can you use a soldering iron to burn leather?

Yes! soldering iron is a basic tool for pyrography which is a leather decorative leather technique of burning designs onto the surface of the leather. The soldering iron can also be used to burn the edges of fuzzy leather or suede to give it a clean edge.


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