How To Start a Blog Like Mine!

Here’s How To Start a Blog & Replace Your Income In 24 Months!

Have you have ever thought of starting a blog in your spare time in order to make some extra money to better support yourself and your family, then I’m happy to tell you that you can easily achieve it with a little hard work and commitment.

It’s definitely not going to be an overnight maneuver or a make money quick scheme. And yes! It won’t always be easy.

But, if someone like me with no exceptional writing or tech skills can do this myself, then I believe you can do it too.

How To Start A Blog The RIGHT Way

I want to start out by saying again that it is still 100% possible to start a blog in 2020, work on it part-time, and eventually use it to replace you or your partner’s full-time income.

I also want to start off by telling you that I’ve tried to start a blog that made money twice in the past and I failed.


Fortunately, I never gave up on the dream of becoming a blogger and quitting my day job and, eventually, I found something that absolutely solved all of the problems that I had with blogging in the past.

How did I do it?

I’ll give you the EXTREMELY short version now and then explain it in more detail afterward.

The single, number one, biggest thing that I did was sign up for the Project 24 course from Jim and Ricky at Income School.

I could honestly send you off to Income School and probably call it a day here. It was that instrumental in my success. Project 24, along with a cheap hosting plan from Bluehost was literally all I needed to invest in to get my blog started.


Because Project 24 is not just a simple eBook or video course. Project 24 is a year-long membership to a COLLECTION of courses that cover everything you need to know to get started and they are updated constantly as well as a huge community of like-minded bloggers that are just getting started – like you!

The reason it is called Project “24” is because the course is meant to take you from $0 to a full-time income (over $4,000 per month) within 24 months.

Jim and Ricky, the owners of Income School, are truly standup guys that you can trust. They do not promise overnight success, but they do promise a sustainable path to full-time income for those that put in the work and want to achieve it.

Trust me, I’ve fallen for more than one sales pitch that promised results that seemed too good to be true (and they were).

Their approach to blogging is not a fluffy sales pitch. It is a real, tested (by thousands of people) strategy that will allow you to take all of the guesswork out of starting a blog, getting traffic, and making money.

By the way, many people end up achieving $4,000 per month even faster than 24 months – some are much faster! I’m personally in month 13 of the course and I’m way ahead of schedule in terms of both page views and income. By month 24 I fully expect to surpass $4,000 per month and rely on this blog to support my family of 3.

By joining the course you will have access to:

  • A 60 step blogging course that takes you from setting up hosting and domains all the way to putting out your first 30 blog articles.
  • A 60 step YouTube course that provides a specific strategy to launch a successful channel with very little time commitment.
  • Picking profitable niches
  • Snippet optimization (don’t worry it’s easier than it sounds – even if you don’t know what a snippet is!)
  • Keyword and search analysis
  • Improving your writing
  • Creating your own info products
  • Monetizing with ads, affiliates, and lead generation

But perhaps the most important part of the Project 24 course is that you have access to a large and ACTIVE community forum where other people just like you are asking questions and discussing blog-related topics.

Hands down, this community has been a huge part of my success because any time I struggled or wanted to give up I saw someone posting all about how much their blog had grown and how much money they were making now.

By joining the course, you will also get a free, fast, and powerful theme that is pre-configured and ready to go. You can focus 100% on creating great content and getting viewers to your page!

Who Should Start A Blog?

The great thing about starting a blog is that it makes sense for almost everyone.


Because the Project 24 method teaches you to select a niche topic to focus your blog around. By picking a niche, you can really hone in on your audience, create content that actually ranks on Google, and ensure that all of your efforts are moving things in the right direction.

Plus, you don’t need to be technical AT ALL to get started.

Do you:

  • Have a hobby you are passionate about? Drawing, Parasailing, basket weaving, smoking meat, sewing, etc.
  • Have a lot of experience in some field? Welding, carpentry, event planning, personal finance, etc.
  • Feel called to inform others about an important topic? Parenting, safety, education, etc.

Any of these areas are prime topics for a blog!

Even if you don’t think you ‘have something to say’ or don’t feel as though you are an ‘expert’ on a particular topic – it doesn’t matter. If there is a topic that you are interested in or have some personal experience with then you can create a blog around it.

For instance, I studied leather work in high school and in the University. Since I spent an incredible amount of my working with leather and learning about it, creating a blog about leather work and leather care topics was a natural fit for me. I used to ask Google every question there is about leather and by this point, I also have a ton of experience to share with others as well.

The other great thing about starting a blog is that you can do it while you are working a full-time job or working as a stay at home parent. Whether you are able to put 1 hour each week or 40, you will be able to make progress with the Project 24 method and you will see results in the long-term.

In my case, I’ve always been the primary breadwinner for my family as my wife and I made the choice when our first children were born for her to stay at home to care for them. It’s a decision that we both felt was very important at the time and the last 10 years have really reaffirmed that decision many times.

When I started this blog, I was working 50 hours per week as an AP Economics teacher in an international school in China with a hectic schedule.

By putting in extra time early in the morning (and sometimes late at night!) I was able to earn my first $1 from this blog after only 2 months I felt really excited and knew if a dollar could come from this blog then through hard work and dedication a I could get to my dream of $7,743 a month.

Does that sound like a silly thing to brag about?

Here is my personal timeline each until I reach my goal of over $7,743 month from the point I started the point my blog till I get to fulltime income status. Trust me these number are pretty conservative!

First YearExpected Monthly RevenueSecond YearExpected Monthly Revenue
Month 1$0Month 13$700
Month 2$0Month 14$1,000
Month 3$0Month 15$1,300
Month 4$1.5Month 16$1,700
Month 5$3Month 17$2,150
Month 6$4.50Month 18$2,500
Month 7$16.50Month 19$3,300
Month 8$30Month 20$4,000
Month 9$65Month 21$4,600
Month 10$100Month 22$6,085
Month 11$205Month 23$7,000
Month 12$270Month 24$7,743 (Goal!)

See that trend?

Throughout this whole time, I have never put more than about 10 hours per week into my blog. If you are able to focus on it more fully, your results could be even better than mine!

Basically, these revenues are going to be set and generated on autopilot. As you may have noticed, my blog displays ads and often time you will come across some links that takes you to amazon.

The more these ads are displayed and the more amazon links are clicked on the website with actual purchases made, the more revenue my blog makes on every purchase by the website visitor.

With everything nicely set on autopilot, I can choose to go on a month long holidays with my wife and 2 Year old son and would still continue to make money which is an absolutely AMAZING feeling.

Isn’t Project 24 A Little Expensive?

If you have already checked out Project 24 then you’ve probably noticed that this is not a cheap course at $499 for a year-long membership.

While $499 is a lot of money, it is my opinion that they should be charging MORE for this course.

That’s right.

They could charge double or triple this price and I would still believe wholeheartedly that it is well worth the cost and I would purchase it again. In fact, when I first joined the program I couldn’t believe how much value they were giving away inside the community.

You see, the price of the course doesn’t just cover what’s included today, it covers everything that they add throughout the year!

Since I’ve been a member they have completely overhauled their core courses, added new courses, produce a weekly podcast, provided interviews with successful members of the community, and still manage to stay active in the forums answering questions and providing encouragement.

Plus, if you take a look at the numbers above, you’ll see that you will be able to pay for your membership within 13 months of purchasing the course. If you add up all of my income, I could purchase the course 14 more times.

If you want to start a blog in 2020 then you need to join Project 24!