7 Best Leather Tapes For Repairs and Crafts work

A great alternative to leather glues and repairs are leather tapes and one exceptional thing is it’s very easy to use with no mess. But, what are some of the very best leather tapes? I did a thorough research and this is the article I share all I found.

So what are the best leather tapes? The leather tapes I researched and found to be best are:

  1. Match ‘N Patch Leather Tape (Best Overall Quality Repair Leather Tape For Leather Goods)
  2. MastaPlasta Patch (Best Premium Quality Leather Tape)
  3. ONine 3X60 Inch Leather Tape (Best Leather Tape For Sofas & Couches)
  4. Tandy Leather Tanner’s Bond Adhesive (Best Double-Sided Leather Tape For Crafting)
  5. ONine Leather Tape (Best Budget Repair Tape For General Vinyl Goods)
  6. Numola Leather Patch (Best Leather Tape For Car Seats)
  7. Brooks England Tape (Best Leather Handlebar Tape)

The use of leather tapes are absolutely versatile and can be effectively applicable for use on a whole bunch of things. In the remaining part of this short but sweet guide, I’m going to cover everything about leather tapes and share more details on the 7 Best leather tapes I have listed above.

What is a Leather Tape?

A leather tape as the name implies is a special type of tape often made up of a leather material on one side and an adhesive material on another side. You will be able to use it to mend leather and vinyl couches, sofas, recliners, handbags, truck seat, car seats, bags, boots, jacket, belts , boots, gloves, etc.

There are also specially designed leather tapes that crafters can use in place of glue to temporarily bond layers of leather for sewing. It’s specially designed for leather crafters, DIYers, aamongst other things.

Best Leather Tapes Buying Guide

Before we look at the details on each of the best leather tapes let’s go over a couple of things. The leather tape is a very simple remedy for a lot of professionals and DIYers. Buying the right leather tape is essential. Getting it wrong can leave you with a more bigger problem than what you intended to solve.

In this section of the buying Guide, we are going to explore what you would need to look for in a good leather tape.

Easy To Cut

While you would want the leather tape you use to very durable once in place, you will also want it to be very easy to cut since most of the time you will be cutting your leather tape to size when using it.


The best quality leather tapes should be visibly light but very durable so that if when used for repair works, it doesn’t result in obvious edges or when used as an alternative for temporal glue it isn’t too thick for sewing.


The same goes for how flexible the leather tape should be. There are instances where a highly flexible leather tape will come in handy while other occasions will demand for a fairly not so flexible leather tape. What you would want to do is to find a good balance between a highly flexible leather tape and a standard one.


It goes without saying that a good leather tape should have strong adhesion on a lot of surfaces it’s normally going to be used for. You would want the leather tape you use for your repairs to feel and act as one piece with the item you’re fixing.

With the tapes designed for crafting, you would expect it to have a fairly good bond — the right amount that can hold leather in place while it is sewn.

Another important thing to take notice of is that while leather tapes tend to leave behind residue, the best tapes leave almost no residue, and some are even designed not to leave no residue at all.

Best Leather Tapes – Reviews

Now that we’re well vexed and have a fair knowledge about all there is to know about leather tapes, what to expect and look out for when getting one, we can now head over to the details on the 7 Best Leather Tapes. Here they are in no particular order!

1. Match ‘N Patch Leather Tape (Best Overall Quality Repair Tape For Leather Goods)

The Match ‘N Patch Tape is the big OG of all original leather repair tapes designed for durable patches for scratches and holes on both natural and synthetic leather because of its leather like look and feel.

They come in a variety of colors suitable for brown, red-brown, light-brown, tan, black tape, whiskey and white leathers. You can find all of their colors here. For the very best adhesion, the patch must be left for about 24hours to cure.


  • Very easy to use
  • High quality leather tape
  • Low priced
  • Good adhesion quality
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Best color matching


  • Slightly rigid

If you’re interested in the Match ‘N Patch Leather Tape, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

2. MastaPlasta Patch (Best Premium Quality Leather Tape)

The MastaPlasta Patch is an Award winning product (The Queen’s Award) for best quality practical and simple solution to a very prevailing everyday problem. The MastaPlasta Patch is actually one of the very best on the market today and the brand is well known all around the worldwide.

The MastaPlasta Patch is a 15 x 11 inches large size Patch — from the revolutionary repair company MastaPlasta. The Extra-Large patch is perfect for covering sizeable holes, tears, burns and blemishes on various household items and products.

It comes in a variety of colors and you’re definitely going to find a really nice match. The MastaPlasta Patch offers the very best quality Patch for repair works and a fairly low premium cost effective way to fix leather, faux leather, suede, vinyl Furniture, Car Seats, Luggage, clothing and so much more in the fastest possible way.


  • Most durable adhesion
  • Made of environmentally friendly materials
  • It’s water-based and solvent-free
  • It’s soft and supply with all the features of high-quality of the very best leathers
  • Stain-resistant
  • Sun-resistant
  • Mold-resistant
  • Breathable


  • Slightly high priced for people on budget

If you’re interested in the MastaPlasta Patch, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

3. ONine 3×60 Inch Leather Tape (Best Leather Tape For Sofas & Couches)

The ONine 3X60 Inch Leather Tape is a super durable, non-residual, no smell Adhesive tape. It comes in a wide array of colors that you’re certainly going to find a color match for if you’re repairing or dealing with a ripped leather, vinyl fabrics car seats, sofas, handbags, suitcases or what ever it may be.


  • Easy to Use
  • Strong Adhesion
  • Over 35 different varieties of colors
  • Has a nice stretch
  • Can be easily cut to size
  • No smell
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials


  • Tape itself is slightly thick

If you’re interested in the ONine 3X60 Inch Leather Tape, you can check it out over here on Amazon for any additional information you may want.

4. Tandy Leather Tanner’s Bond Adhesive (Best Leather Tape For Crafting)

The Tandy Leather Tanner’s Bond Adhesive is a great alternative to using white glue when crafting and you need to make temporal bonds for sewing, punching, etc. It’s a double sided tape you can use to attach 2 or more layers of leather, vinyl, plastic, fabrics, etc together for lacing, stitching, or punching holes.

The Tandy Leather Tanner’s Bond Adhesive is going to save you the trouble of dealing with strong scented and messy adhesives and glues.


  • Creates no mess
  • Great for precise temporary bonds
  • Easy to use
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Holds heavy materials very well
  • Cost effective
  • Great Value for money


  • Doesn’t bond permanently

If you’re interested in the Tandy Leather Tanner’s Bond Adhesive, you can check out the 10mm x 20mm Leather Tape here or the 5mm x 20mm Leather Tape over here on Amazon!

5. ONine Leather Tape (Best Budget Repair Tape For General Vinyl Goods)

ONine Leather Tape yet again makes it to my list of best leather tape with their 3 x 60 Inch Leather Tape. If you want a fairly low priced leather tape that has a variety of colors with others having beautiful textures and patterns, then this is what you should be going for.

It’s a good repair tape for quick and convenient repairs on leather and vinyl couches, sofas, chair, motorcycle seats, recliner, handbag, loveseat, truck seat, car seat, bags, purse , boots, jacket, belts , luggages, boots, auto seats, , gloves, ottoman, furniture — the list goes on and on!


  • Great for repair work on a variety of surface
  • Comes off easily
  • Doesn’t leave behind any sticky or ugly residue
  • Low price
  • Some comes in a luxurious appearance
  • Easy to cut into customizable shapes
  • Made with environmentally safe materials


  • Has a bit of a plastic feel
  • It’s slightly stiff

If you’re interested in the 3 x 60inches ONine Leather Tape, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

6. Numola Leather Patch (Best Leather Tape For Car Seats)

This Leather Patch from the Numola brand is my pick for the best leather tape for leather car seats. NUMOLA is a brand that has focused on household products for many many years in the leather industry.

This 8 x 11 inches Leather Patch tape is made from advanced high-quality PU leather and comes in 5 basic colors and sizes. You will find that this leather adhesive patches completely and has one of the best color matches you would ever get in a leather tape.

The Numola Leather Patch works great on leather, vinyl and many other upholstery fabrics, such as car seats, sofas, handbags, suitcases and leather jackets.


  • High-grade PU material
  • Smooth feeling
  • High toughness that’s consistent with the soft quality your car seats
  • Durable self adhesive
  • Abrasive resistance
  • Very Soft and easy to cut
  • Flexible and goes around corners very easily
  • Waterproof


  • May be a bit too thick to blend in

If you’re interested in the Numola Leather Patch, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

7. Brooks England Tape (Best Leather Handlebar Tape)

The Brooks England since 1866 has always had the cyclist in mind and as a result creates the best quality leather products tailored to suit the needs of the ideal cyclist.

The Brooks England Tape is made using synthetic microfiber leather material and has about 3mm tape width. It has strong adhesion and surface that helps to protect the user’s hands offering a very comfortable grip. It comes in a variety of 3 colors.


  • High-quality synthetic leather is used
  • Has a strong adhesive bond
  • Has a nice stretch to it
  • Comes with the Brooks England’s vulcanized rubber end plugs
  • It’s water resistant
  • It can be cleaned easily
  • Has a super cool look
  • Lasts very long
  • Easy to use


  • Requires high tension to wrap which may result in tired hands

If you’re interested in the Brooks England Tape, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

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