7 Best Leather Hand Press For Leatherworkers

The leather hand press is an essential professional leatherwork tool ideal to enable you to fix eyelets, snaps, rivets, and many leathers hard and stamps very easily and fast. The fact that you’re reading this article, you’ve probably reached that point in your leatherwork where you need to increase the rate at which you set leather hardware, or you need to replace or upgrade your existing one. But what are the best leather hand press?

Our top 7 best leather hand press for leathercrafter in no particular order are as follows:

  • Weaver Leather Hand Press
  • Stimpson Press Machine
  • Yescom Hand Press Grommet Machine
  • Hand Press Machine by Hobby Trendy
  • C.S Osborne & Co. Hand Press Machine
  • Craftool Pro Hand Press
  • Palmgren Arbor Press

In addition to the list above, we have also included more information on each of the above leather hand presses and our reasons for choosing them as the best out of the rest Enjoy the rest of the article. So in no particular order;

1. Weaver Leather Hand Press – (Best Professional General Use Hand Press)

Weaver Leather has over the years built up a good reputation for high-quality leatherwork tools. The weaver leather hand press is a must-have compact machine for every professional leathercrafters workbench who work a lot setting rivets. It’s super durable, easy and comfortable to work with especially if you work on a lot of leather projects.


The weaver leather hand press is a high-end tool due to the kind of versatility, durability, quality, and precision it comes with. You’d also find it at different prices depending on where you look, be it via the Amazon website or the weaver leather website. However, you’re sure to find some great deals on Amazon and below is the latest price of this product.

What Does it Come with?

This device comes with a well thought out instruction sheet, a driver, and a splash anvil, that will suit over 100 tubular rivets.

Best For:

This device is built to increase precision and productivity as a professional, particularly when setting rivets, caps, snaps, crystals, spots, and grommets. Aside from being a great leatherwork tool, it’s also suitable for fabrics, webbing, coated webbing, other man-made materials.

It’s also custom-built and can take additional setters such as the 4P durable snaps, jiffy rivets, 2200 double cap rivets, 103 rivets, 2205 Segma Snaps, 2206 snaps, crystals, spots, and 110 grommets.

The weaver leather hand press can be easily operated with one hand while reducing hand fatigue.


  • It’s a great general hand press device for leather hardware
  • Causes less hand fatigue due to its unique cam action arm
  • It’s Dependability with performance
  • It comes fully assembled with an instruction sheet
  • Custom built for additional setters


  • High priced tool if you’re on a budget
  • You have to buy additional setters separately

If you’re interested in this master class high-performance leather hand press by weaver leather, you can check it out over here via the button below.

2. Stimpson Press Machine – (Best Professional Heavy-Duty Grommet and Washer Setter)

The house of Stimpson has a very rich history dating back to 1852. They have had a lot of success with their high-quality and large variety of standard and special eyelets, grommets, washers, and hole plugs. So if you’re a leathercraft professional and you’re in need of the best hand press for all your standard and customized grommet and washer fixing the house of Stimpson is your go-to.


It goes without saying that the Stimpson hand press is a high priced tool but is totally worth the quality, durability and efficiency you would ever ask for in a world-class heavy-duty grommet setter. Below is the latest price for this product on Amazon!

What Does it Come with?

The Stimpson hand press comes with a die and over a hundred beautiful different colored grommets.

Best For:

The Stimpson press is best for punching holes and fixing all kinds of grommets and washers especially those with telescoping, and barrel to barrel setting. This hand press can power through thicker gauge leather, textiles, and many other thick and light materials with ease.


  • Heavy-duty great for tough jobs
  • Highly durable
  • They’re self-piercing
  • Full replacement of items are guaranteed


  • You may have to buy additional dies which is quite pricy

If you’re interested in this super heavy-duty leather hand press by Stimpson, you can check it out over here via the button below.

3. Yescom Hand Press Grommet Machine – (Best Beginner Grommet Press Kit)

The Yescom Hand Press Grommet Machine, although could be used by professionals, is our beginner choice for leather hand press. It’s a hand press tool kit that will take care of all your grommet needs when starting out in leatherwork. It’s ideal for beginners because it’s cheap and comes with a base even if you don’t have a workbench yet.


This device is budget-friendly for both professionals and beginners on a budget. Below is the latest price for this product on Amazon!

If you’re interested in this grommet kit hand press, you can check it out over here via the button below.

What Does it Come with?

The Yescom Hand Press Grommet kit comes with a grommet machine, a rolling base, 3 grommet dyes, 900pieces of brass coated grommets, an iron wrench, and a manual guide.

Best For:

This device is great for all crafts such as leatherwork, dressmaking, and is also applicable for Banners, Signs, Belts, Bags, Shoes and so much more. It has an extra-long foam-padded lever handle and a rolling base for comfort and convenience respectively.


  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Easy to transport due to its wheelable base
  • Has and interchangeable dies
  • Great grommet kit


  • Grommets are flimsy

4. Hand Press Machine by Hobby Trendy – (Best Beginner Rivet Press Kit)

This Hand Press Machine by Hobby Trendy is a professional and beginner 9mm Rivets Kit. This hand press tool kit will see you through every riveting need in your leatherwork projects.


The Hand Press Machine by Hobby Trendy is a low-end hand press machine which is very suitable for professionals and especially beginners who wouldn’t want to spend a bunch of money on tools right from the start of their leatherworking. Below is the latest price for this product on Amazon!

What Does it Come with?

This press tool kit comes with a hand press machine, dies, hole punch, manual guide and 1000 pieces of single cap 9mm silver(color) rivets.

Best For:

This hand press rivet kit is suitable for fixing rivets on leather, fabric, canvas, tarps, tents, and all other leather and cloth-made items. It’s also a great tool for adding ornaments and decorations to DIY projects.


  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Additional hole punch feature
  • Less pricy
  • Suitable for various materials


  • The rivets it comes with are not rust-free

If you’re interested in this Hand Press Machine by Hobby Trendy, you can check it out over here via the button below.

5. C.S Osborne & Co. Hand Press Machine – (Best Versatile Hand Press)

The C.S Osborne & Co., established in 1826 is a very popular house for high-quality tools, devices, and hardware. Their hand press machine is of a high standard and will take care of a wide variety of craft activities such as fixing buttons, grommets, snaps, and ventilators.


Due to the use of high-quality materials, the C.S Osborne & Co. hand press machine is on the high level on the price spectrum but will give you the best of the best performance and efficiency. Below is the latest price for this product on Amazon!

What Does it Come with?

This C.S Osborne package along with its high-quality hand press is a nylon block for cutting covers, an Allen wrench, and an instruction manual.

Best For:

This machine is perfect for setting buttons, grommets, snaps, and ventilators using a bought appropriate dies. It is also ideal for cutting fabrics and covers buttons. The hand press has a reinforced frame and handle and can be bolted to a worktable or bench for added stability.


  • Super durable and long-lasting
  • Comes already assembled
  • It can be used to produce about 80 to 120 buttons per hour


  • Dies are sold separately
  • Doesn’t punch a hole

If you’re interested in this Hand Press by C.S Osborne & Co, you can check it out over here via the button below.

6. Craftool Pro Hand Press – (Best All-Round Professional Hand Press)

The Craftool pro hand press from the house of Tandy leather is an all-round and a more versatile hand press machine than any machine by Tandy leather in the past. Tandy Leather designed this device primarily as a hand press for setting a variety of fasteners.


The Craftool pro hand press is a bit on the high end on the price spectrum but will give you value for money with its incredible quality and versatility. You can check out the latest price of the Craftool pro hand press on the Tandy leather website here!

What Does it Come with?

This hand press comes with only the Craftool pro hand press machine and tray, but all other dies can be bought separately from the same place of purchase.

Best For:

The Craftool pro hand press can be used to accomplish many leatherwork chores such as setting snaps, rivets, imprinting 3-d and alphabet stamps.


  • It’s a very portable machine and small
  • It’s lightweight for use anywhere it’s needed
  • It’s simple to operate
  • This hand press require very little assembly
  • Can be converted into a stamping machine


  • Dies are sold separately

If you’re interested in the Craftool Pro Hand Press offered by Tandy leather, you can check it out over here on the Tandy leather website.

7. Palmgren Arbor Press – (Budget Pick Hand Press Best for Squeezing and Pressing)

The Palmgren Arbor Press exerts heavy force needed for squeezing, riveting, bending, punching, and other pressing functions. It’s both a professional and a beginner-friendly tool and it’s great if you want high durability in a hand press at a fairly moderate price.


The Palmgren Arbor Press is at a low price but certainly doesn’t offer low performance. It can amass the force required to squeeze and bend any type of hardware. Below is the latest price for this product on Amazon!

What Does it Come with?

The Palmgren Arbor Press, when purchased, comes with a revolving steel anvil and punches.

Best For:

The is best for squeezing, riveting, bending, punching, and other pressing and pressure functions of all materials such as natural leather, synthetic leather, etc.


  • Because it exerts pressure on anything placed on it, is can be applied widely
  • It has a reversible ram is reversible with a solid and a magnetic hole that can be used to hold punches and other tools
  • Cheap and budget-friendly
  • Can withstand all kinds of pressure
  • It’s lockable


  • It’s half a ton
  • Little use for revolving base

If you’re interested in the Palmgren Arbor Press, you can check it out over here via the button below.

Guide to Buying Leather Hand Press

Buying a leather hand shouldn’t be difficult at all. However, there are a couple of things you need to remember when you’re either purchasing your very first-hand press or upgrading to a better one.

1. Purpose of Use in Terms of Hardware

Determine the kind of hardware you’ll be working with often. If you often or generally work with specialized hardware like rivets, eyelets, or grommets is better to go for a hand press that simply fulfills this purpose.

Other than that, you would want to get something more general or multipurpose if you’re not sure or are certain you will work with all kinds of hardware.

2. Price

Also, you’ll need to determine the price point you’re ready to buy that suits your budget. You’ll by now notice some of the leather hand presses are high priced while others are moderate and low. Generally, it’s a great idea to go after high-quality, that does the job you want, regardless of the price.

But of course, we all have our own budget. So if you’re just starting out in leatherwork and do want to spend so much cash but still want to maintain so level of professional touch to your hardware, you can go for any of the low priced leather hand presses that certainly does the job you want. You can always trade and get an upgrade whenever you’re ready!

3. Buying Separate Dies

Some of the leather hand presses will require you buy dies separately, while with many others, you can opt to buy more dies for added functionality.

4. Easy to Set Up

How is it easy to set up the leather hand press you’re buying. Although most leather hand presses will be designed for set up, you’d want to ensure the hand press you buy comes with an instructional manual in the language of your choice.

On the other hand, almost all hand presses will come pre-assembled and all you’ll have to do is to attach it to your workbench or work table and it’s ready for use.

5. Work Surface: Workbench and Tables

What kind of work surface do you work with and how big is your space? Answering this question will also help you determine the size and weight to go for. You don’t want to get something really large or weighty if you don’t have a fixed work surface big enough to permanently attach the leather hand press to.

How to Set Up a Hand Press

After selecting and ordering your preferred leather hand press, setting it up is your next action after it has arrived. All hand press manufacturers ensure their hand presses are very easy to set up and not requiring any technical support so be rest assured you’ve got it. Generally, by following a few simple steps from the instructional manual the hand press comes with, you can have it set up in a couple of minutes.

On the other hand, while there is a variety of hand presses from different companies and brands, there are some general steps to setting up a hand press. Here are they are in simple steps to follow even if you’re a beginner.

  • Follow the instructions in the manual and set up all the components of the hand press. This is sure to be different depending on the brand you buy. You can as well do this process last.
  • For the best results, your hand press should be firmly attached to a sturdy workbench or table.
  • Select the preferred section of your workbench or table you would want to position the hand press and use the holes on the base of the press as a guide and mark out.
  • Next, drill holes on the workbench for the fasteners (such as bolts) you’re going to be using to secure your hand press to the workbench.
  • Now attached the hand press to the workbench using bolts or screws that came with the device.
  • Set your required dies in the driver and anvil of the hand press and you’re ready to go.

You can head over to an article I wrote earlier about the details on all you need to know about the leather hand press. It covers key points such as its purpose, features, the Leather Hand Press Dies, Leather Rivet Hand Press, Leather Stamp Hand Press, and the Leather Hole Punch Hand Press.


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